Azerbaijan deployed 10 thousand troops and more than 100 tanks on the border with Armenia

Azerbaijan has deployed about 10 thousand servicemen and more than a hundred tanks on the border with Armenia.

Despite the fact that Yerevan and Baku consider the conflict in Karabakh settled, it became known that the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan decided to deploy an army of 10,000 servicemen and more than a hundred tanks near the borders of Armenia. So, according to the data presented, we are talking about joint Azerbaijani-Turkish military exercises, but the risk of resumption of hostilities against Armenia remains very high.

The military exercises of Turkey and Azerbaijan will be held from March 15, while, in addition to the ground forces, combat aircraft and strike reconnaissance drones will also take part in them, which causes some concern, since in the last conflict it was thanks to the drones in service with Azerbaijan that it was possible to radically change the course of the war.

Among other things, it is also known that Armenia is also planning to conduct large-scale military exercises – they will be held from March 16 to 20.

“The Armed Forces of Armenia will hold their exercises from March 16 to 20. They will involve 7,500 servicemen, 100 armored vehicles, 200 missile and artillery systems, 90 air defense units , ”it was reported.

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