Azerbaijan seizes Armenian highways, deployed armored vehicles

According to information published by Russian media, it seems that the Azerbaijani army is intending to flood into Armenian territory, despite the fact that the two sides have had a ceasefire agreement before.

Specifically, the Russian newspaper Avia reported that on August 26, a group of Azerbaijani soldiers, fully equipped with weapons and equipment, occupied a small area along the highway running through Syunik, Armenia.

In less than 24 hours, the Azerbaijani armed forces increased their numbers, controlling at least 10 square kilometers along this highway, without encountering any significant resistance from the Armenian side.

Russian media said that the Russian military forces and its experts, at least three times intervened in the above situation, in order to find a common voice between Armenia and Azerbaijan. However, it seems that the efforts of reconciliation from the Russian side were unsuccessful, Azerbaijan rejected all calls from the Russian side and kept its troops in place

Even the Azerbaijani army dragged a long line of armor and military equipment, flooding into Armenian territory, although this force had never encountered the resistance of the neighboring country before. Military experts said it would be very dangerous if the Azerbaijani side used the 10 km highway in Armenian territory as a springboard to advance further into this country’s territory.

If Azerbaijan continues to push further into Armenian territory, the destination of these forces will most likely be the entire Armenian province of Syunik. This is a strategic land in the recent conflict between the two countries. If the provincial capital Syunik is completely captured, the land territory of Azerbaijan will be connected to Nakhichevan. At this point, Armenia will be in an extremely disadvantageous position if in the future, the two countries continue to clash.

Earlier in early August, Russian border guards were deployed to the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan. This force is tasked with ensuring security in the extremely tense border area between these two hostile countries. On July 28, there was also the bloodiest fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The fighting left three soldiers dead and two others wounded.

At the end of 2020, Armenia and Azerbaijan experienced 6 weeks of extremely intense fighting, causing both countries to suffer heavy losses.

Currently, although the fighting between the two sides has subsided, it seems that the presence of Russian peacekeepers here, only calms the situation a few times, while Azerbaijan still completely ignores many terms of the cease-fire agreement signed earlier between the two countries

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