Battle of Bakhmut: Fierce fighting began in the northeast of Bakhmut

Russian army units are fighting on the northeastern outskirts of Bakhmut.

At the moment, it is known that after cleaning up the approaches to Bakhmut, Russian forces managed to get to the city’s northeastern outskirts. 

At the moment, fierce battles are taking place here, the result of which may be a breakthrough in defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with subsequent entry into the central part of the city.

It is known that units of the Russian forces managed to enter the northeastern outskirts of Bakhmut after the Ukrainian troops, under the onslaught of powerful blows, were forced to leave their already almost destroyed positions.

 At the moment, fierce battles are going on in the area of ​​​​the Bakhmut meat processing plant. Ukrainian sources confirm the deplorableness of the current situation, among other things, noting that Russian forces are indeed present here, and the battles in this direction are very active.

Taking into account the successes in advancing Russian troops in Bakhmut, the situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine here is extremely unfavorable. At the same time, the northern and northeastern direction is more vulnerable regarding the city’s defense since the Ukrainian army did not build any fortifications here. Therefore the main attacks should be expected from these directions.

Where is Bakhmut?

Bakhmut, also known as Artemivsk, is a region in eastern Ukraine. It is located in the Donetsk Oblast and has a population of around 250,000 people. The city of Bakhmut is the administrative center of the region. 

The economy of the area is primarily based on coal mining and metallurgy. During the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the region has been affected by fighting between Ukrainian government forces and Russian-backed separatists.

Bakhmut is a historic city that has been inhabited for centuries. It was founded in the 18th century as a fortress by the Russian Empire. During World War II, the city was occupied by Nazi Germany and suffered significant damage. After the war, it was rebuilt and developed as an industrial center focused on coal mining and metallurgy.

The region has a diverse population, with ethnic Ukrainians, Russians, and Belarusians living together. The official language is Ukrainian, but Russian is also widely spoken.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has affected the region, with fighting between Ukrainian government forces and Russian-backed separatists. This has led to the displacement of many residents and damage to infrastructure.

Despite the challenges, the Bakhmut region is also known for its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and historical significance. The city has several museums and monuments that tell the story of its past. The region also has many parks and natural reserves, which offer opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.


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