Big update on Turkish TF-X: Flight schedule, Price, Specification

Turkey has officially announced the power and price of the TF-X – a stealth fighter line with more power than the US F-35.

According to Temel Kotil, General Director of Turkish Aerospace Company, the stealth fighter TF-X is being developed on schedule. This aircraft will make its first flight in 2025 and officially enter service four years after the first flight.

“The TF-X is a fifth generation stealth fighter that possesses one of the most advanced technologies in the world. The aircraft is capable of fighting Russian Su-57 and is more powerful than the US F-35”, director Temel Kotil said.

This is the same price as the F-35 and much more expensive than most other 4 ++ generation fighters in the world.The director added that, after being equipped with the Turkish Air Force, the TF-X will be exported to new loyal customers at a price of about $ 100 million / unit.

The declaration of the TF-X’s strength compared to the F-35 came after the Russian Military Technical Cooperation Agency stated that Moscow is ready to cooperate with Turkey in the development of stealth fighter.

According to Valerya Reshetnikova, representative of the Russian Cooperation Agency, Turkey has long intended to carry out its own project to build its own 5th generation TF-X fighter and Russia is ready to cooperate in this program.

The negotiation process between the two sides on this issue has not been disclosed, but according to Defense News, Moscow and Ankara have reached an important agreement, in which Russia will be responsible for developing the engine and most of the electronic system for the TF-X program. The remaining systems and weapons are all undertaken by Turkey.

Judging by the TF-X, experts believe that this fighter will possess stealth technology equivalent to the F-35 and can carry more powerful weapon line than the US 5th generation fighter.

Because this generation of missiles will allow the fighter to fire and attack the target while flying out of the enemy’s air defense range. To do this, the SOM-J is a new generation long-range cruise missile equipped with a semi-armor fragment warhead weighing 140 kg, a range of over 240 km.

This is considered a multi-purpose missile when it can attack both on land and at sea. The SOM-J missile weighs about 455 kg. SOM-J missiles are designed with very good stealth, applying many new features such as changing targets while in flight.

SOM-J cruise missile
SOM-J cruise missile

Accuracy is greatly enhanced by the infrared imaging probe, while the satellite guided ball and topographic homing ball can operate in all weather conditions. This missile has a speed of over 1,000 km / h.

The integration of SOM-J missiles on TF-X helps pilots to attack targets longer range, while ensuring vital stealth of this fighter against the opponent, even the F-35.

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