Black Sea – Deadly ambush waiting for NATO…

Russia has prepared a ‘death trap’ in the Black Sea if it detects any provocation against Russia.

The appearance of a large number of ships of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in the Black Sea and the regular conduct of military exercises by this organization is mainly supposedly directed against Russia, forcing the Russian military to prepare a “death trap” for NATO ships, which they would immediately fall into if they tried to carry out a dangerous provocation, or worse yet, if they take aggressive steps against Russia.

Today, the Black Sea is under the complete control of the Russian military. The airspace is completely controlled by radar stations. Air defence facilities cover the entire region and the capabilities of Russia’s coastal missile systems are enough to destroy any enemy at sea, and this does not take into account the fact that Russia can connect. both the air force and the navy.

“Strictly judged, today Russia can end any armed conflict in the Black Sea region in just 20-25 minutes. Any enemy aircraft and drones will be destroyed by the S-300, S-350 and S400 combinations. Enemy ships will be destroyed by Bastion and Bal ballistic missile systems, and if necessary counterattacks, planes and fleets can destroy any country in the region,” the analysts said.

The Black Sea has long been a hotbed of tension in Russia’s confrontation with the West. The crisis in Ukraine makes this region more and more potentially dangerous. The 2014 annexation of Crimea helped Russia to establish a strong outpost in the Black Sea along with its existing naval base in the coastal city of Sevastopol. But that move was met with strong opposition from NATO, causing Russia to suffer a series of sanctions.

Recently, both Russia and NATO regularly conduct exercises in the Black Sea in a move to deter each other.

Most recently, on July 3, the Russian military said that its warplanes practised bombing enemy ships in the Black Sea in the context of the US and Ukraine leading multinational naval exercises. Sea Breeze 2021.

The US asserts that the exercises are evidence of the US commitment to ensuring a free and stable Black Sea region.

In the past, Russian forces have encountered many NATO ships, including US Navy ships. Intercepts of military aircraft between the two sides also take place regularly over the Black Sea.

According to analysts, the Black Sea will remain a tense area, although it is unlikely that this tension will flare up into a serious conflict right now.

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