BrahMos ASM’s range was extended to 450 km by the Indian Su-30MKI fighter.

The backbone of the Indian Air Force, the indigenous Su-30MKI fighter jet, will operate the extended-range BrahMos air-to-surface missile. TASS reports that the Indians have increased the missile range to 450 km. India conducted tests on December 30 that confirmed the increased range.

The Indian Air Force claims the exercises took place in the Bay of Bengal. A 450-mile target ship was successfully targeted by a BrahMos missile fired from an Indian Su-30MKI during practice.

According to a press statement from the IAF Command, India’s Su-30-built air fleet is improving its odds of success in future battles.

“The Air Force now has a strategic edge thanks to the expanded range of the missile and the improved performance of the Su-30MKI,” the statement read.

There are 2,500 kilograms of mass in a BrahMos missile that can be launched from an airplane. The missile can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads. Between 200 and 300 kilograms, the missile’s warhead is a formidable foe.

The BrahMos missile has been designed in airborne, seagoing, and ground-based configurations. The missile’s range varies with the launcher’s altitude. BrahMos can be launched from both ships and the ground and is capable of hitting targets up to 500 kilometers away.

The flight of BrahMos consists of two phases. Stage 1 occurs just before liftoff and is propelled by a solid rocket booster fuelled by solid fuel. The liquid rocket ramjet is fired up in the second phase, and liquid fuel is used.

Although it’s called a “BrahMos,” this missile also has Chinese and Russian components. India and Russia are working together on this project. The NPO Mashinostroyeniya of the Russian Federation and the Indian Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) are both involved in the collaborative production.

The missile had its maiden voyage in 2001. Since then, India’s Army, Navy, and Air Force have all received Brahmo’s inductions.

The maximum range of the BrahMos export variant is 290 kilometers. Another country that uses BrahMos missiles is the Philippines, joining India in that group. Ship-launched, or anti-ship, missiles were the only type chosen upon purchase by Manila.

While the missile performs admirably, its export variant may limit its popularity in international markets.

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