Britain announced the supply of tanks to Ukraine soon. What other weapons and tech has the UK provided so far?

London announced the possible delivery of its tanks to Ukraine, which could be one of the most serious escalations since the transfer of missile weapons to Ukraine. To date, the UK has almost two hundred tanks in storage, theoretically allowing Ukraine to transfer several dozen heavy combat vehicles.

“The UK can provide tanks to Ukraine,” – said British Foreign Secretary James Claverley, without voicing any details.

Currently, the UK’s supply of tanks to Ukraine has only been announced. However, given such statements, the UK may transfer heavily armored vehicles to Ukraine by the summer.

Among other things, experts draw attention to the fact that NATO countries usually act together, which does not exclude the supply of tanks by other countries, such as France, Germany, etc.

What are the other Armaments that the UK has provided to Ukraine?

Long-range rockets

In June, it was confirmed that the United States would be donating M270 multiple-launch rocket launchers armed with M31A1 precision munitions to Ukraine. The British M270 system is very much like the American Himars launchers. A system range of 50 miles is assumed for the missiles supplied to Ukraine.

Anti-tank weapons

The United Kingdom has supplied Ukraine with over five thousand of the latest light anti-tank weapons. Nlaws can eliminate tanks at close range with a single, devastating blast.

Especially important for the Ukrainian military, which is in dire need of arms right now, the missiles can be deployed quickly and require no training. Teaching a soldier how to utilize them effectively takes less than a day.

Experts agree that they significantly altered the conflict’s trajectory in the days following Russia’s invasion.“Nlaw was crucial to the defeat of Russian ground thrusts in the early phases of the war,” says Rusi’s Justin Bronk.He says the weapons have been “particularly effective” when combined with artillery.

Short-range missiles

It was confirmed by Defense Minister James Heappey that “hundreds” of marine Brimstone missiles would be shipped to Ukraine in April. According to Capt Chris Carlson, formerly of the US Navy, brimstones can be used against tanks, artillery, and smaller vessels such as landing craft.

These missiles are typically launched from planes, but they have been adapted for truck use in Ukraine. Captain Carlson warns that their range will be diminished if launched from the ground. Although brimstones can be effective anti-ship missiles, they are too tiny to sink larger ships.

He explains, “It all depends on where you hit.” A lot of havoc may be caused to an adversary if you go through an engine or get close to the water line.

Armored vehicles

Britain has donated at least 120 armored vehicles to Ukraine, including Mastiff patrol vehicles.British soldiers in Afghanistan favored Mastiffs due to the breed’s exceptional ability to guard them against explosives and IEDs.


The Ministry of Defence says it supplies heavy lift unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems to support isolated forces.

Experts say drones are a great way to send supplies to frontline troops when there is a possibility of being encircled or when there is Russian artillery fire in the area. The United Kingdom also sent hundreds of loitering aerial missiles as part of its drone arsenal.

Air defense systems

Britain claims to have given over at least six air defense systems, including Starstreak missiles. Starstreak’s primary function is to destroy aircraft at close range. Many aircraft defensive measures, like flares and chaff, are disregarded.

Nevertheless, observers agree that Starstreak is no replacement for longer-range air defense systems and requires far more training than systems like Nlaw.nThe UK has also supplied Stormer vehicles as a mobile platform for Starstreak missiles.

Other equipment supplied by the UK includes:

  • More than 200 Javelin anti-tank missiles
  • Anti-structure munitions
  • Plastic explosives
  • Small-arms munition
  • Helmets
  • Body armor
  • Night vision devices
  • Electronic warfare equipment
  • Counter battery radar systems
  • GPS jamming equipment


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