Can a Chinese stealth bomber reach the American islands?

The island chain strategy that formed the basis of American foreign policy was originally intended to encircle the Soviet Union and China from the sea. Will China’s new stealth bomber be able to evade radar and threaten US territory?

An image of the new Chinese Xian H-20 stealth bomber appeared on the cover of Modern Weaponry. The magazine belongs to the Chinese state defense corporation China North Industries Group, in the article the plane is called “the god of war in the sky.” China has never disclosed the details of the H-20 design, we think, not casual, this information “suddenly” appeared on the cover of the June issue of a magazine about military science and technology. Are they scared? Warn?

China's mysterious H-20 strategic bomber 'may be able to strike second  island chain' | South China Morning Post

The British edition of The Times took a close look at the stealth bomber and concluded that the Chinese plane was suspiciously similar to the American B-2 from Northrop Grumman. The Times writes that according to some reports, the range of the bomber will exceed 8000 km. without refueling, it will be able to carry both conventional cruise and nuclear missiles on board.

The picture shows the weapons bay, two adjustable tail fins, stealth radar, air intakes and engine nozzles on both sides.

If the bomber is able to fly 8,000 kilometers without refueling, then after taking off from the mainland of China, it will overcome the second Pacific island chain consisting of Japan, Guam and the American Mariana Islands. In contrast, the American bomber has a range of about 7,000 kilometers.

Aviation Specialist and Asia-Pacific Defense Analyst Jon Grevatt of Janes told the South China Morning Post “If this aircraft enters the troops, it can change a lot.”

The images released indicate that stealth and range are more important than speed for the H-20 designers, Grevatt said. “This means that the strategic advantage of this aircraft lies in its ability to strike as a strategic bomber. It will be capable of hitting targets far away, possibly in and beyond the second island chain, added Grevatt. “That is, he will be able to threaten American forces, assets, and interests in the Asia-Pacific region.”

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