Can Russia withstand the latest US weapons?

Russia will be able to counter US hypersonic missiles, even if they are deployed in Europe. This was told in an interview with “Vechernyaya Moskva” by a military-political scientist, lieutenant colonel in reserve, associate professor of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the PRUE. G.V. Plekhanov Alexander Perendzhiev.

The fact that the United States is developing hypersonic weapons was announced even under Trump. Then it turned out that there was no hypersonic weapon. Now US says that it is still underdeveloped. They make it clear that such work is underway, and, quite possibly, they will be able to threaten Russia. But apart from the information that development is underway, it is unclear if there are rockets themselves. There is no information about any tests. Few month backs US test AGM-183A Air-launched hypersonic missile but it was failed to lauch from B-52 strategic bomber. The whole thing is, rather, of the future, – the expert believes.

He added that in Russia, samples of hypersonic weapons are also being developed. Moreover, they are being tested , the results of which are to some extent a military secret. Moreover, hypersonic anti-missiles are also being developed. However in Russia, they try to say little about their future missile. Whereas Washington, on the contrary, devotes a lot of time, according to Perendzhiev’s observations, to information noise.

As a military political scientist, this position of the Americans raises questions for me. If there were significant successes, the US would hold back the information to surprise us. I think so far on their part there is more bluff than truth. By bluffing, they also test our reaction. But whatever the Americans do, it’s okay. Russia has the resources and strength to respond to them. So from our side, there is a planned painstaking work, – he summed up.

Earlier in the media there was information that America has the latest long-range hypersonic weapons – LRHW missiles, capable of flying 17 times faster than sound (about 20,000 km / h) and hitting targets at a distance of 1,725 ​​miles (about 2,776 kilometers). This distance can be covered in 8 minutes. It is assumed that the weapons will be transported on trucks with launchers. Each transporter will be equipped with two such missiles. In addition, it is planned to arm all 69 US Navy destroyers with guided missile weapons with them.

Weapons are being developed primarily as a means of deterring China and Russia. Despite the fact that the article says that it already exists, it also mentions that the tests of the complex are scheduled for 2023.

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