How Much Did Pakistan Help The Taliban Conquer Afghanistan?

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman begins a two-day visit to Pakistan today. “Both of our countries have suffered terribly from the scourge of terrorism and we look forward to cooperative efforts to eliminate all regional and global terrorist threats,” she told reporters last week as she began her four-country trip. The notion that Pakistan will cooperate in regional counterterror … Read more

Pakistan’s Full Support to the Taliban, the US frantically demanded sanctions

The situation in Afghanistan is now irreversible, the fate of the resistance force is almost decided, especially when a large number of Pakistani planes, drones, and helicopters have joined the war, side by side with the Taliban against the resistance. The situation in Afghanistan has now fallen into an irreversible situation, especially when the country’s … Read more

Revealing the “Boss” Who supplied tons of weapons to the Afghan battlefield

From drones and missiles to armored vehicles, many Israeli-made weapon systems have effectively helped the NATO and Afghan forces to fight Taliban. As Western military forces withdraw from Afghanistan, many Israeli weapons systems will no longer be involved in the hunt for Taliban and other terrorists. Although the Israeli forces has never been in the war-torn Central Asian country, … Read more

Who is IS-K in Afghanistan and how dangerous is this terrorist group?

IS-K has carried out many bloody attacks despite suffering heavy losses due to US and coalition attacks. Islamic State Khorasan Province (also known as ISISK,IS-K or ISKP) – a terrorist group that the US accuses of causing deadly suicide attacks outside the international airport in the capital Kabul (August 26), which rallied in eastern Afghanistan … Read more

Why is it difficult for the Taliban to break the siege in the Panjshir valley?

Several thousand anti-Taliban fighters are reported to be holding out against the Taliban in a remote valley with a narrow entrance. The Taliban fighters seem to have shown more inferiority, as they were repeatedly destroyed by in large numbers and forced to retreat several times. Acting Afghan President Saleh publicly announced that the Taliban were besieged … Read more

Another 200 Taliban fighters killed by the Afghan resistance

Russian media has continued to publish many images and information about at least 200 Taliban fighters have been killed, in the most recent conflict taking place in Panjshir, Afghanistan. Thus, in just two days, about 500 Taliban fighters have been killed in the conflicts between Taliban and the Afghan government force. Also according to many unverified sources, remnants of … Read more