Chinese VT-4 tank takes 30 minutes to fire a shell. After Thailand, Nigeria now complains about VT-4 tanks

Recently, with an article published in the Nigerian Defense News, about the Chinese supplied VT-4 main battle tank equipped by the Nigerian Army, it seems that something is wrong with the VT-4, which has always been regarded as the pride of China’s tank industry exports. The report mentioned that the Nigerian Army is not very … Read more

Indian Tejas & Korean FA-50 clash again, but this time in Egypt

India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) has offered Tejas Mk1A light fighter aircraft to Egypt, but its efforts are facing a strong challenge from Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) which is targeting FA-50 Block 20 aircraft for the Egyptian contract. In addition to HAL and KAI, companies from Italy and China also showed interest. Several international fighter aircraft … Read more

Libyan Forces shot down American MQ-9 Reaper Drone

According to recent reports published by Military Africa, forces of the Libyan National Army (LNA) earlier this week shot down a American UAV which appears to be a Reaper drone. The downing occurred on August 22 near Bengazi. The drone was brought down with a man-portable surface-to-air missile system (MANPAD). According to an official of … Read more

Morocco received MICA air defence system Missiles and armoured vehicles from France

Morocco’s armed forces received first batch of Sherpa armoured vehicles and VL MICA air defence systems from France following contracts signed some two years ago. The first batch of Sherpa vehicles had arrived in Morocco and were seen being transported to military bases in the North African country. In 2020 it was reported that Morocco … Read more

Nigeria is looking for attack helicopters, may buy Indian LCH

The military of the African nation needs these attack helicopters in an effort to increase its firepower and to strengthen the country’s counterterrorism and counterinsurgency campaigns. To complement the existing Russian Mil Mi-24/35 Hind and Agusta A109 Power light attack helicopters currently in service, Nigeria is scouting the global market for procuring helicopters for its … Read more

Algeria purchases six Chinese CH-5 Rainbow combat drone

Algeria announced on January 24 that the Algerian Armed Forces confirmed the order for 6 China’s “CH-5” Rainbow UCAV. According to the Arms Trade Database of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), China has already delivered five CH-3 and five CH-4 armed drones in 2018. Algeria has also ordered the Wing Loong-2, and by the … Read more

Unbelievable confrontation between MiG-29 and Su-27 in the sky over Africa

It is difficult to imagine two front-line fighters of Soviet-made fighter jets that could confront each other in a battle. Actually, That happened in the skies of Africa. For many years, the two fourth-generation fighters, the MiG-29 and the Su-27, were the backbone of the Soviet and Russian Air Forces. The MiG-29 (Fulcrum) light tactical … Read more

No money to operate, South African Air Force fighter jets have been grounded for 4 months

The new year should usher in a new atmosphere, but obviously, the South African Air Force does not think so, bercause all the front line fighter of SAAFare grounded. SAAF Saab Gripen fighter jet has been grounded for nearly 4 months, and it is expected that it may not return until late January. The delay … Read more

Egypt retires Chinese-made K-8 trainer aircraft, India offers Tejas trainer

The Egyptian Air force (EAF) is in the market for a new trainer aircraft to replace its aging fleet and to train its student pilots for the newly delivered Rafale fighter jet, and incoming Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jet. Egypt’s trainer aircraft that are likely to be listed for replacement or upgrade are the Grob G115EG, EMB312 Tucano’s, … Read more

Top four powerful air force in Africa

Most African countries do not have combat aircraft units, but there are still few countries in Africe that invest in air forces, becoming a highlight in the region. Before we start this count down let me clear, we didn’t include Egypt because some parts of Egypt locate in Middle-east Asia. One of Africa’s most powerful air … Read more