India test-fires Agni-V intercontinental ballistic missile

India announced the successful test of a nuclear-capable Agni-V intercontinental ballistic missile as border tensions with China rise. “Historic milestone! India successfully test-fired nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) Agni-V during its launch from Abdul Kalam Island. This missile will add significantly to its capabilities. Defense and strengthen national security through the ability to fly more … Read more

Japan has both money and industry, why it’s struggling to build a fifth-generation fighter?

Japan is a potential aviation power, and military aircraft manufacturing technology used to be far ahead of any Asian countries. Although the reputation of Japan Airlines is not obvious today, if you pull the lens of the era to 20 years ago and look at the military aircraft produced in Japan, you will have an … Read more

Azerbaijan launches full-scale attack on Armenia, attack with drones & artillery for 7 hours

Yesterday night, Azerbaijan attacked the territory of Armenia. Azerbaijan strikes on the territory of Armenia for more than 7 hours Around midnight, artillery and unmanned aerial vehicles of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces attacked settlements bordering Armenia. The attack, according to the Azerbaijani side, occurred after Armenia staged a provocation and began to pull military equipment into … Read more

Revealing the first Southeast Asian country that can own the F-35C stealth fighter

The F-35C stealth fighter is likely to soon appear in Southeast Asia when a rich country and an important US ally “keeps an eye” on it. The Singapore Air Force may stop pursuing the purchase of the Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II fighter aircraft ordered, and instead be interested in the stealth marine version the … Read more

Japan is preparing to build 20,000 tons warships

On the morning of September 1, the Japan Jiji News Agency suddenly reported news that the Japanese Ministry of Defense is preparing to build two new large warships. Its main features are: the standard displacement is about 20,000 tons, equipped with SPY-7 large radar originally used for land-based missile defense systems, equipped with American-made Standard-3 … Read more

The New “F-16U”: South Korean Fighters with AESA Radar deployed for Exercises in Australia

Along with delegations from Australia, France, Germany, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Japan, Britain, the Philippines, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Netherlands, Malaysia, New Zealand, and the U.S., the South Korean Air Force, formally known as the Republic of Korea Air Force, has sent newly upgraded F-16U fighters to Australia for Exercise Pitch Black 2022. According … Read more

India set to edge out South Korea for fighter jet deal with Malaysia

Malaysian decision is tilting in HAL’s favour because of the Indian BVR missiles like the all-weather Astra missiles, advanced data link and spare parts for Su-30MKM. Further, the Tejas deal may be followed by BrahMos missiles for the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF). Next month, a high level delegation expected to be led by the … Read more

What types of advanced weapon systems is being used by the PLA in military exercises around Taiwan?

On 4th of August, the People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command launched large-scale live-fire exercises in six air and sea areas surrounding Taiwan. So which type of weapon systems are being used in this live fire exercise? “Dongfeng” series of ballistic missiles According to recent reports released by the Chinese Army Eastern Theater Command, troops … Read more

Azerbaijan took control of Armenian Mount Buzlug and raised its flag. Is a new war about to break out?

The Armenia-Azerbaijan tensions are flaring up again. Azerbaijani troops seized control of Mount Buzlug and surrounding areas of Armenia. The Azerbaijani army occupied Mount Buzlug and hoisted the Azerbaijani flag on it. This happened after two days of relative calm in the region. As it became known, the Azerbaijani troops managed to move freely in this … Read more

Beginning of WW3? North Korea offers 100,000 troops to fight against Ukraine including special forces

North Korea is set to dispatch up to 100,000 personnel to support the three parties’ ongoing war effort against the Ukrainian government and its NATO supporters The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is about to become more “bloody” after North Korea is said to be ready to send about 100,000 volunteers to the troubled region to help … Read more