“The newest drone” with a rocket launch: what kind of drone is it and is it really a “kamikaze”

In the “mysterious drone” we already had time to see the latest Ukrainian development, but the fact is that it is a fairly public RZ60 drone, which was developed several years ago The other day, a rather interesting video with a test of a Ukrainian drone, which started thanks to a rocket booster, went viral … Read more

 Lithuania purchases US-made “Switchblade” 600 anti-armor drones.

Reference News Network reported on December 26 that according to a report on the U.S. “Defense News” weekly website on the 24th, the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense signed an agreement to purchase “Switchblade” 600 suicide attack drones from the United States. The country became the first NATO member in Europe to order the drone system. According … Read more

South Korean helicopters fire 100 rounds against North Korean UAVs.

The Korean armed helicopter fired 100 rounds toward the UAV that entered the airspace, but none crashed. Five objects thought to be North Korean unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were seen crossing the border between the two countries this morning, according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. This is the first time a North Korean … Read more

Pentagon to send “advanced air defense weapons” to Ukraine, specifically to deal with Russian suicide drone attacks

It is reported that in the middle of last month, the Russian army used a large number of drones in the continuous aerial strikes in Ukraine. There are many types of drones used by Russia on the battlefield, but “suicide” drones are mostly being used to attack Ukrainian energy facilities. After flying at low altitude … Read more

One by one, Russian Lancet Kamikaze drone destroying Ukrainian air defence system

The Russian Defense Ministry has released several new videos of the strikes by Lancet kamikaze drones that destroy Ukrainian targets specially Ukrainian air defence system from S-300 to Buk air defence system. The video footage, which was released by the Russian Armed Forces on October 13, combines images taken by suicide drones and surveillance drones … Read more

What are the advantages of Iran-supplied drones to Russia compared to Russian UAVs?

Iran has supplied two different types of UAVs to Russia, the Shahed-136 suicide drone and the Shahed-131. Russian Military got a good boost after using these drones in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War. Although recently, Iran’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that it has not supplied UAVs to Russia for use in Ukraine, despite the fact that … Read more

Iran’s Mohajer-6 UAV Joins entered Ukrainian battlefield, strikes Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk

The Iranian-made Mohajer-6 long-range attack drone has power that cannot be underestimated. There is information that this type of weapon first appeared in the Ukraine conflict, controlled by the Russian military. The Iranian-made Mohajer-6 long-range UAV is capable of carrying a variety of guided weapons, including bombs and short-range missiles, with a maximum of 4 ammunition … Read more