According to an official, Ukraine intends to develop drones to attack exploding Russian aerial weapons.

According to Kyiv’s minister in charge of technology, Ukraine plans to develop combat drones to attack Russian aerial weapons prone to exploding. Mykhailo Fedorov, in charge of digital transformation, said that Russia’s war in Ukraine was the first big war of the internet age. He said that the war had changed because of drones and … Read more

Iranian-supplied Arash-2 Suicide drones will cause nightmare for Ukrainian Air Defense Systems

Ukraine’s air defense forces will have to face the Arash-2 suicide drone if it is handed over to the Russian military by Iran. The new drone has more firepower and bigger range. The information that Iran will provide russia with a large number of Arash-2 suicide drones has been published by the international media, causing … Read more

Poland became the first NATO member to receive Bayraktar TB-2 UAV

Poland has became the first NATO member to receive Turkish Bayraktar TB-2 UAV. The Prime Minister of Poland, Mariusz Błaszczak, handed over the first TB2 unmanned Bayraktar UAV systems to the soldiers of the 12th Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Base,” Poland’s Ministry of National Defence informed. “There is no modern army without modern drones. Today marks … Read more

How Russia is using UAVs to deal with Ukraine’s maneuvering tactics?

Russia has developed many countermeasures tactics, such as promoting the use of suicide drones to hit targets accurately. As the military conflict in Ukraine intensified, the Russian military increased the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) such as the KUB-BLA on the entire front. This change in tactics is aimed at suppressing Ukraine’s highly mobile … Read more

UAVs has changed the fighting methods on the Ukrainian Battlefield

From just using UAVs for reconnaissance and surveillance tasks to a variety of attack UAVs, Kamikaze UAVs have been used in combat, and surprisingly, they are very effective. Recently, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Russian military’s suicide drone and missile raids have resumed and new tactics have been applied on the battlefield, … Read more

The destruction of the Ukrainian MiG-29 by a russian Geran-2 was a historic “collision”

This “collision” made history, when a Russian Geran-2 suicide UAV destroyed a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter and became a “legend”, it was the first time a UAV has knocked down a fighter aircraft. We are witnessing historic moments in military technology; Nearly two years ago, a Turkish unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attacked a soldier without the … Read more

German-supplied weapons are ready to protect Ukraine from russian suicide drones

Since the past month, the russian armed forces have rapidly increased the use of Suicide Drones to attack Ukraine. These suicide drones are causing heavy damages to Ukrainian Armed Forces. Since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine War, germany has been a big supplier of weapons and other associated equipments to Ukraine, germany is also one … Read more

Russian suicide drones are causing more headaches for Ukraine than cruise missiles

Suicide drones are causing more headaches for the Ukrainian Armed Forces than russian cruise missiles. Suicide drones or loitering munitions have several advantages over cruise missiles. The small size of the suicide drones makes them extremely difficult to be intercepted by radars, plus their low cost make them very effective for being used for continuous … Read more

Iran’s new drone arrives in Russia, with the striking range of 2,000 kilometers

Some time ago, after the first batch of 1,000 drones arrived in Russia, these cutting-edge equipments made by Iran immediately showed great combat effectiveness, rewriting the original unilateral killing pattern of Ukrainian drones. Not only does it pose a deadly threat to armored vehicles in conventional operations, but also the Shahid-136 has become the main … Read more