Exclusive: how India became a nuclear state

India is among the world’s nine nuclear weapons states, alongside China, France, Israel, North Korea, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the US, and one of the four country that can launch nuclear weapons from Submarine. So how does India obtains Nuclear weapons? At present, the only countries in the world generally recognized as possessing nuclear … Read more

Israel “Arrow” Series Homeland High Altitude Defense System

The Arrow is a family of anti-ballistic missiles designed to fulfill an Israeli requirement for a missile defense system that would be more effective against ballistic missiles than the MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missile. Jointly funded and produced by Israel and the United States, development of the system began in 1986 It has been 20 years Israel operating Aerrow series missile defence system. ​Israel’s “Arrow” series … Read more

How do nuclear submarines work?

The Australian government has announced a historic defence agreement with the US and UK, giving the country the ability to build a new fleet of nuclear submarines. Research on nuclear-powered propulsion for ships began in the 1940s, ushering in the “atomic age”. Since then, only six countries have owned and operated nuclear submarines: China, France, … Read more

Chinese Rocket artillery is constantly improving

Online Chinese military propaganda is now so widespread it’s hard to imagine what it doesn’t reveal. Photos released on the defence ministry’s news website showed the 80th Group Army’s artillery during a live-fire exercise somewhere in northern China. The “Group Army” is best understood as a corps-sized formation (50,000-70,000 strong) that operates autonomously from within … Read more

Taking advantage of chaos, Ukraine stole aircraft components from Afghanistan

Russian media has just published information confirming that Ukraine has taken advantage of the chaotic situation in Afghanistan to steal many helicopter components from this country. Russian media has just published shocking information, according to which a Ukrainian Il-76 transport plane , quietly arrived at Kabul International Airport, and left with a series of helicopter components. of the … Read more

The U.S. Army evaluates the Stryker tank equipped with new laser weapons to prepare for future warfare

The U.S. Army is choosing a durable high-tech laser weapon system that will provide lethal capabilities to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and rockets, artillery, and mortars (RAM). It is reported that as a leader in emerging technologies, the US Army is deploying a new generation of combat capabilities to advance its multi-domain operations and break … Read more

The future of J-10 aircraft in the Chinese Airforce is contested?

With the accelerating production and upgrading of heavy and stealth fighters such as the J-16 and J-20 in the PLA; So the future of the J-10 light fighter in the Chinese Airforce is in question? China started developing a new modern multi-role fighter J-10 in the late 1980s, as the successor to its J-8 and J-9 aircraft. The Chinese J-10 … Read more

Three Seawolf submarines join forces, intimidate Chinese aircraft carrier

For the first time, three US Seawolf-class nuclear submarines have sailed simultaneously in the Western Pacific. According to US media, such a combined formation is more than enough to sink a Chinese aircraft carrier. According to Forbes, in July, the US Navy deployed three of the most powerful nuclear attack submarines of the Seawolf-class (Sea Wolf) at the same time … Read more

Inside Chinese Air Force: Big in number but full of old and faulty aircraft

With 3,400 aircraft, the Chinese Air Force is only 1,700 combat aircraft in service with the PLA. However, the majority of Chinese fighter aircraft are older generation fighters. The People’s Liberation Army Air Force and the Chinese Navy Air Force (collectively referred to as the People’s Liberation Army Air Force), currently have in service 1,700 … Read more