10 Interesting Facts about Nuclear weapon Explosions

The destructiveness of weapons has increased in recent times with modern technology. The world saw devastating results in the Hiroshima air raid and the Chernobyl accident. Nuclear bombs, tests, explosions and accidents are an inevitable part of our reality. So here we are writing 10 facts about nuclear explosions. 1) The Tsar Bomb is the … Read more

How long does it take to start and move an aircraft carrier?

Aircraft carriers are today’s navies’ well-deserved maritime hegemons, and a naval force with aircraft carriers is a symbol of the world’s major powers. However, aircraft carrier technology is difficult and costly, and it is currently merely a “town treasure” that only a few world powers can afford to construct and operate. So how long does … Read more

7 things you need to know about the most terrible flying tank A-10 “Warthog”

The first aircraft in history designed to directly support ground units is still one of the most iconic aircraft ever, Nicknamed Warthog (Warthog Pig), it is a fear of tanks and infantry. His main trump card is a giant rotating machine gun (30 mm GAU-8 Gatling gun). What can such a thing actually do? 1. First … Read more