NATO held a “decisive” meeting to support Ukraine with weapons, and Germany announced its position on providing fighter jets 

On 13 February, Germany announced its position on the possibility of supplying Kyiv with fighter jets. On the other hand, the NATO group is about to hold an important meeting in Brussels to discuss military support for Ukraine. German Foreign Minister Annalene Berberke confirmed that it is currently impossible for the German government to supply … Read more

NATO allies train integration of 4th and 5th generation jets in the Baltic States

Polish F-16s based in Lithuania and Dutch F-35s and American F-15s currently deployed in Poland conducted 4th to 5th-generation integration training against an intricate scenario based on peer threats. Supported by air-to-air tankers, the fighters practiced tactics, techniques, and procedures designed to defeat a complex set of potential real-world problems in a contested air domain. … Read more

NATO air forces conduct air defense exercises over Romania

France, Italy, Romania, Spain, Turkey, and the US operated in Romanian airspace on January 26, performing aerial maneuvers against simulated opposing air defense systems, further improving combined Allied capabilities. The Allied Air Command oversaw a dynamic training operation involving the French MAMBA system, supported by Romanian F-16s and American F-15s and Italian Eurofighters, Spanish F-18s, … Read more

NATO: Germany to supply MANTIS anti-aircraft system to Slovakia

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Germany has paid particular attention to Slovakia, intending to facilitate the transfer to the Ukrainian army of its military equipment inherited from the Soviet period, notably via the Ringtausch initiative. Thus, within the framework of NATO, the Bundeswehr [German armed forces] now participates in Slovak air defense … Read more