Global Aircraft Carriers: Carrier-Based Aircraft

Carrier-based aircraft refers to the aircraft that take off and land on the aircraft carrier. Its performance determines the combat effectiveness of the aircraft carrier. The more carrier-based aircraft are, the stronger their strength is. Modern carrier-based aircraft has a combat radius of more than 1,000 kilometers. They can also extend the range by refueling in … Read more

United Kingdom begins construction of the third Dreadnought-class SSBN.

The Dreadnought-class ballistic missile submarine construction program continues apace. In a ceremony on Friday, a further step was taken and the steel was cut for the future HMS Warspite, the third of four new Dreadnought-class submarines currently being built at BAE Systems’ Barrow-in-Furness facility. Generating tens of thousands of jobs across the UK, including 13,500 … Read more

How powerful is the original “North Wind God” strategic nuclear submarine?

Russia’s Borei nuclear submarine is currently Russia’s strongest nuclear submarine. In fact, our understanding of it is basically only from military news, but why can it make Western countries so afraid? In fact, many people have no way to give specific information Answers.  In fact, the Borei nuclear submarine is very different from other nuclear … Read more

What is the performance of the original Type 052E destroyer? Will there be mass production in the future?

For us, an aircraft carrier is the strongest embodiment of a country’s national defense capabilities, but in actual naval equipment, destroyers are also a manifestation of a country’s national defense capabilities.  In recent years the rapid growth of Chinese ships has left a deep impression on people, among which 052D has become a well-known large … Read more

Who will build Australia’s nuclear submarines?

There are fears in the US that there is not enough shipyard capacity to meet the needs of the US Navy, let alone build an additional number of ships for Australia under the AUKUS agreement. Vice Admiral William Joseph Houston is an experienced and thoughtful United States Navy officer entrusted with the command of perhaps … Read more

The Suffren nuclear attack submarine completes its first operational deployment. Here is what you should know about the Suffren.

SNA Suffren (blue crew), which entered active service on June 1, 2022, returned to its carrier battle group on January 4, 2023, after its maiden operational deployment. Deployed to the Mediterranean, Suffren has participated in the ANTARES mission to defend French and European interests. During its deployment, it has helped improve France’s ability to make … Read more

The Russian Navy takes delivery of the sixth Borei-class nuclear submarine.

Russia significantly increased its modern naval nuclear forces on Thursday with the delivery to the Navy of a new Borei-A-class submarine at the Severodvinsk shipyard. On December 29, the Generalissimo Suvorov ballistic missile submarine (K-553) was formally handed over to the Pacific Fleet from the Sevmash shipyards in the Arkhangelsk region. Both President Putin and … Read more

The third assault submarine of the Lada class was launched in Petersburg.

Russia’s Rubin Design Group created the diesel-electric Project 667 assault submarines for the country’s Lada class. St. Petersburg celebrated the launch of the third submarine of this class on December 23. Submarine “B-587 Velikiye Luki” is its official name. The St. Petersburg class is the NATO designation for these vessels. The Ministry of Defense of … Read more