Production of Pakistan’s sixth Hangor-class submarine has officially begun.

The Pakistan Navy will have eight diesel-electric submarines from the Hangor class. The Chinese made the submarines in the Hangor class for the needs of Pakistan. According to the deal between China and Pakistan, China will build four of the eight submarines, and Pakistan will build the other four. Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works [KSE], … Read more

Agni-5 Vs Shaheen-3: How does Pakistan’s longest-Range Nuke-Capable missile fare against India’s Agni-5 ICBM?

At the height of political turmoil in Pakistan, the army conducted a test of its nuclear-capable missile Shaheen-III. This was the second time the missile was fired in the last two years, with the last test on 20 January 2021. While DG ISPR, Pakistan, said that the “test flight was aimed at the revalidating various design and technical parameters of … Read more

Will Pakistan’s indigenous ‘PNS Haibat’ prove to be a gamechanger for its defence industry

Security columnist and analyst Rear Admiral Vineet Bakhshi (Retd) highlighted the Pakistani industry’s collaborative effort with Beijing. The Pakistan Navy commissioned its first indigenous Fast Attack Craft Missile FAC (M) PNS Haibat. Pakistan’s Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) issued a statement announcing the commissioning of the country’s indigenous vessel: “PNS Haibat is the first project designed by Maritime … Read more

Pakistan has nothing to deal with Indian Brahmos missile, can’t even track

India on Friday confirmed an “accidental firing of a Brahmos cruise missile” into rival Pakistan, calling it “deeply regrettable.” The unarmed BrahMos supersonic missile — a practice version — that was launched into Pakistani territory Wednesday, is understood to have been accidentally fired during an inspection at a secret satellite base of the Indian Air Force (IAF). … Read more

Pakistan To Add 50 JF-17 Block III, still no match for Indian S-400 and Rafale

The S-400 system is not only about shooting enemy planes from the skies. It is about giving trans-border visibility up to a depth of nearly 300 kilometres into the enemy plain territory. After Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan returned from China, the acquisition of 50 JF-17 Block III fighters by Islamabad is being pitched to … Read more

After J-10, Pakistan could buy Z-10 attack helicopter from China

In the first week of 2022 Pakistan cancel the acquisition of 30 T129 ATAK attack helicopters it ordered in 2018 and instead negotiates with China for the purchase of the Z-10ME. From the most stringent tests to the sudden cancellation of orders, this is normal for countries to purchase military equipment. Some time ago, Australia … Read more

Junky JF-17 fighters throw doubt on quality of Chinese-made jets: Taiwan Media

Amid growing tension between Indian and Pakistan, Pakistan Air force JF-17 shows hidden weaknesses of Pak-Chinese made military aircraft. According to China’s state media narrative, the country’s modern aircraft are the best in the world, yet Pakistan’s experience with the Chinese-made JF-17 tells a different story. Earlier we already elaborate the cheap build quality of … Read more

Is it a “mistake” or an “opportunity” for Pakistan to buy the J-10C against the “Rafale”

According to a report by Pakistani media on December 29, the Pakistani interior minister said in a public speech to the media on the 28th that the Chinese J-10C fighter jets purchased by Pakistan will enter service as early as March 2022. However, there is no news of the purchase of the J-10C for the … Read more

Why no one is interested on Chinese J-10 fighter aircraft

In a potential dogfight with Indian fighter jets, the Chinese-supplied Pakistani JF-17 could be easily shot down. When Pakistan and China first signed a contract for the production of the JF-17 fighter jet, the deal was seen as a “groundbreaking” joint venture that could challenge India’s premier fighter jet. Although the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) already … Read more