Why the United States is increasing military cooperation with a series of Asian countries.

The United States has strengthened its military presence and cooperation in several Asian nations, which is viewed as an effort to reassure allies and heighten deterrence against China. On February 2, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced an agreement with the Philippines granting the United States access to four additional military bases in this Southeast Asian … Read more

US donates 2500 HIMARS missiles to Ukraine.

New deliveries of missiles for the HIMARS MLRS for Ukraine include 2500 missiles. Against the background of the U.S. announcing ammunition deliveries for Ukrainian HIMARS systems, it became known that in 2023 Ukraine received 2500 missiles from the U.S. Officially, data on the number of missiles does not appear in the U.S. statement. However, considering … Read more

The United States has sent over 50 M2A2 Bradley fighting vehicles to the Ukrainian government.

Infantry fighting vehicles will be provided to Ukraine by the end of January; their preparation for shipment has already begun. United States President Joe Biden has approved the delivery of 50 M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. Unlike conventional armored vehicles previously supplied by the United States, the latter have much more protection and … Read more