How Much Does a Cartridge Cost? The Final Truth About the Price of Small Arms Armament

The cost of weapons can always be shocking, especially when it simply destroys the idea of ​​​​how much an ordinary cartridge actually costs From time to time, ordinary citizens begin to face the prices of modern weapons , as a result of which the level of shock depends only on the person’s preparedness. Because it is one … Read more

Iran has revealed a new underground base where it will keep its F-4D/E Phantom IIs.

Iran has demonstrated in a video its “newest” underground air base, which it probably uses to “hide its fighters,” primarily “veterans” F-4D/E Phantom II, which currently make up a significant part of the country’s air force, The War Zone reports. Iran has revealed information about its underground airbase, called Eagle 44, after the largest-ever joint … Read more

Sweden deploys its latest air defense missile systems in operational trials.

Since Monday, an air defense battlegroup from the Halmstad Air Defense Regiment (Lv 6) has qualified air defense systems in the Gothenburg area as part of a readiness operation. An enhanced capability that means action and expanded defense of the airspace around the strategically important West Coast. From the time they received the order until … Read more

Lithuania supplies Ukraine with 36 Bofors L/70 40mm anti-aircraft guns against Russian kamikaze drones.

Lithuania has decided to assist Ukraine in the fight against Russian Geran kamikaze drones. For this, Vilnius will transfer to Kyiv 36 anti-aircraft systems and Bofors L70 40 mm automatic anti-aircraft guns, decommissioned by the Lithuanian army but in good working order. This was stated by the Defense Minister of Lithuania, Arvydas Anushauskas. Lithuania has … Read more

Feared by Israel, Iran will build a factory in Russia to produce armed drones.

Local media in Tatarstan also disclosed that an Iranian delegation led by Brigadier General Abdullah Mehrabi visited an open space in the city of Yelabuga in the Republic of Tatarstan on January 5.  The delegation also included Gasem Damavandyan, head of the Aerospace Research Institute of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and executive director … Read more

The third batch of K-9 self-propelled howitzers ordered by Poland from South Korea is about to arrive. 

Recently, South Korea’s Hanwha Defense Company stated that the third batch of 12 K-9 self-propelled howitzers (A1 model) ordered by Poland has begun to be shipped, which marks that the first batch of 48 K-9s ordered by Poland has all been shipped.  At the third batch of the K-9 delivery ceremony, it can be seen … Read more

North Korean leader orders military to expand drills.

Kim Jong-un has ordered the North Korean military to increase the scope and intensity of their drills in an effort to increase their battle readiness. North Korean officials and Kim Jong-un “addressed significant political and military tasks in 2023 and issues on the direction of military construction” during a Central Military Commission meeting on February … Read more

Germany has given its approval for Ukraine to receive Leopard 1 tanks.

The German government announced that it had granted permission for the manufacturer to ship the Leopard 1 tank to Ukraine after weeks of accepting the Leopard aid two ago. “I can confirm that the export license has been issued,” German government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit said at a press conference on February 3 when asked about … Read more

US, South Korea conduct air force drills, North Korea warns of ‘red lines.’

The US and South Korea exercised many strategic bombers and stealth fighters, prompting fierce protests from North Korea. U.S. B-1B Lancer strategic bombers, together with F-22 and F-35B stealth fighters, were dispatched to Korea on February 1 to train with F-35A fighters from the Korean Air Force. This was the first joint aviation drill between … Read more