Check out each type of Chinese military aircraft that has just approached Taiwan

Recently, China has brought a record number of aircraft close to the island of Taiwan, including the appearance of many modern fighters that Beijing has in hand.

According to the information posted by Taiwan’s Defense Agency on October 1, the Chinese side used a record number of aircraft to approach the island overnight. Taiwan says a total of 39 Chinese military jets flew into its air defence zone on Saturday – the largest incursion by Beijing to date. The defence ministry said the planes entered the area in two waves, during the day and during the evening. It comes after 38 planes, including nuclear-capable bombers, entered the zone on Friday.

Among these, there are also the latest and most modern aircraft of the Chinese Air Force. The appearance of an unusually large number of aircraft has caused concern among observers.

It should be added, this is the second time in the same day that a large number of Chinese fighter aircraft approached the island of Taiwan.

one of the types of Chinese fighter aircraft that appeared in both waves near the island of Taiwan, was the J-16 fighterThis is considered one of the most modern and new fighter versions in the service of the Chinese Air Force, which was launched in 2015. Experts estimate that by the beginning of 2021, at least 150 J-16 fighters have been put into service by the Chinese Air Force.

J-16D fighter aircraft
J-16D fighter aircraft

Developed from China’s previous line of J-11 fighters, the J-16 is basically also a deep, localized upgrade based on the Soviet Su-27 fighter. China currently has two different versions of the J-16, including the J-16 and J-16D which is an electronic warfare version.

In addition, in the formation close to China’s Taiwan island, there is also the appearance of H-6 bombers – the most “old” aircraft in the Chinese Air Force’s payroll up to now. The first H-6 bomber was domestically produced in China since 1968. However, the original version of the H-6 bomber is the Tu-16, was released by the Soviet Union 15 years earlier. year.

Xian H-6 Bomber
Xian H-6 Bomber

Later it was deeply Upgraded to improved versions of the H-6 with air to air capabilities, which were developed by China on the basis of the original version and used to this day. It is estimated that the Chinese Air Force owns 150 bombers of this type, and this is also the only strategic bomber that China has.

The most unexpected and mysterious aircraft, which has just been used by China to close the island of Taiwan, is the KJ-500 airborne command and early warning aircraft. This type of aircraft was developed by China in the early 2000s, but so far, the number of aircraft serving in the Chinese Air Force is not much.

According to information published by Chinese media, this type of early warning aircraft KJ-500 is capable of detecting fighter targets at a maximum distance of up to 470 km.

KJ-500 AEW&C aircraft
KJ-500 AEW&C aircraft

Also appearing near the island of Taiwan in early October, is the Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft. This is a version of the anti-submarine aircraft developed from the Shaanxi Y-8 mechanical transport.

The appearance of a large number of aircraft with a variety of types, with multi-function combat capabilities, made observers worried that the security situation in the Taiwan Strait could continue to heat up in the near future. next time.

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