China exercises to ‘get the upper hand’ in Taiwan

China carried out drills near the island of Taiwan. Its ships and warplanes conducted drills in the southwest and southeast of the self-governing island that the Chinese military said were in response to “external interference” and “provocative actions.

Taiwan (China) has repeatedly spoken out about mainland China’s repeated military exercises and increased military activities in the waters near the island in the past two years, as part of a pressure campaign to force the island must accept Beijing’s position.

In a short statement, the Eastern Military District Command of the Chinese army said that warships, anti-submarine aircraft and fighter jets had been dispatched near Taiwan to conduct “coordinated strike drills and military drills”. other exercises using actual force”. The announcement did not give details.

A senior official familiar with Taiwan’s plans told that the Chinese air force had carried out an exercise of “gaining the upper hand” with a squadron of J-16 fighter jets.

“In addition to gaining air superiority over the Taiwan area, they regularly conduct electronic interference and electronic reconnaissance operations,” the official said.

Taiwan (China) believes that the mainland is trying to collect electronic signals from US and Japanese planes so that they can “paralyze rival planes, including F-35s.” , if war breaks out,” the source said.

Taiwan’s defense agency (China) said that 11 Chinese aircraft have just entered the island’s air defense identification zone, including 2 aircraft that can nuclear H-6K bombers and 6 J-fighters. 16, and Taipei sent planes out to drive away the mainland planes.

China’s statement did not say about the exact location of the drills, Taiwan’s defense agency said that the mainland’s aircraft group operated in the area between Taiwan’s main island and the archipelago. Dongsha and the upper area of ​​the East Sea.

Some planes even passed through the Bashi Strait in southern Taiwan, the gateway to the Pacific Ocean.

China’s military stressed that the US and Taiwan “repeatedly colluded to provoke and send false signals”, seriously harming China’s sovereignty and seriously undermining peace and stability in the strait. Taiwan”.

It is not clear what is the direct reason why China conducts this exercise, but it seems that the US earlier this month approved the sale of a $750 million artillery system to Taiwan.

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