China fired more than 50 long range missiles into the Taiwan strait

Amid the visit of Pelosi to Taiwan, China fired at least 50 guided missiles toward the Taiwan Strait to warn both USA and Taiwan.

US House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, to visit Taiwan could spark one of the most perilous moments in cross-strait relations for decades, analysts have warned. Recetly Chinese govt and media warned both Taiwan and the USA regard the visit of Pelosi to Taiwan and said China may take military action if she visits Taiwan.

The PLA Army decided to use PHL-16 heavy multiple launch rocket systems for strikes in the Taiwan Strait. The latter is a close analogue of the American Himars systems, however, it carries heavy 370-mm guided missiles capable of hitting targets at distances up to 220 kilometers, and according to some sources, up to 350 kilometers.

According to social media users, China also bring a large no of PHL-16 MRL just 180 km from Taiwan.

It is known that at night, the Chinese military unexpectedly fired about 50 PHL-16 guided missiles into the Taiwan Strait. According to preliminary data, the strikes were carried out along the eastern part of the strait. At the same time, the blow was so massive that it could be observed from a distance of up to 80 kilometers.

On the presented video frames, you can see the shelling of the Taiwan Strait using Chinese PHL-16 systems. Judging by the video footage, at least 32 missiles were fired from this direction alone. It is known that the launches were carried out in order to intimidate the United States before an imminent strike, in the event of an attempt to escalate in the Taiwan Strait. Moreover, according to experts, even 32 volleys will be enough to destroy an American aircraft carrier strike group deployed near the Chinese coast.

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