J-20 fighter aircraft
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China media report on the loss of J-20 stealth characteristics

As you know, the J-20 is by far the best fighter in China, which has stealth technology and belongs to the fifth generation fighter. All this time, his trump card was stealth, but there was a problem when the Chinese military department decided to try to do tests for visibility with external fuel tanks.

The results were disappointing, but the strangest thing is that this model is not in operation so little, but they decided to do this test only now, a competent question arises: “Why not do it at the test stage?”

J-20, photo taken from yandex.ru

I repeat, this flight was carried out for the first time, during which it was possible to find out that the fighter had sharply lost its stealth functions, all radars could easily detect it <in the report it sounds like, during the flight stealth was no longer the main quality of the J-20>

In other words, external fuel tanks nullify the entire system of secrecy of this combat model, which the Chinese military department was so proud of.

It was also revealed that the J-20 was repeatedly lost in maneuverability, it became more difficult to control it, but to do some tricks is completely impossible. But the report says that external fuel tanks are not needed at all during the battle, they plan to use them only for long-distance flights, which is logical. But no one cancels the fact that with them the J-20 ceases to be a unique fifth-generation fighter.

J-20, photo taken from yandex.ru

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