China reveals new aircraft, neither J-15 nor J-11

In a newly posted image of Chinese media, it has accidentally revealed the tail of a strange aircraft, most likely being developed by this country.

Chinese media has just published a picture of the country’s J-15 fighter jet training . It is worth mentioning that in the right corner of the frame, the tail of a strange aircraft accidentally entered the lens.

Image posted by Chinese media
Image posted by Chinese media

According to Chinese sources, the aircraft being tested that’s why it’s painted yellow. So it can be affirmed that this type of fighter of China is a test version of Beijing.

It is worth mentioning that this tail, which is not similar to the tail of the J-15 fighter jet or the tail of the popular J-11 fighter of the Chinese Air Force either.

Russia’s Sputnik newspaper said, most likely this tail is similar to the carrier based fighter developed by China. Currently, China’s only aircraft carrier is the J-15. This is Beijing’s only fighter jet capable of taking off and landing from an aircraft carrier.

However, the J-15 did not achieve high efficiency when operating on an aircraft carrier, because it had too heavy empty weight, making the aircraft often overloaded when taking off from an aircraft carrier with full equipment. armed, or full of fuel. The fact that China can produce aircraft carriers using catapult systems is expected to overcome the inherent disadvantages of this type of fighter

Last year, China’s Shenyang Aircraft Corporation revealed that it is developing a new generation of fighter aircraft, developed from the FC-31 version.

The question to ask here is, what role will a new type of fighter aircraft play in the Chinese navy, when the J-15 can be fully operational, on the Type 003 aircraft carrier with the Catapult system. However, the information related to China’s new ship fighter development program is still very vague and cannot be verified overnight.

China’s most dangerous heavy fighters today, including the J-11, J-15 and J-16, are all developed on the basis of the Su-27 fighter developed by the Soviet Union in past.

However, for now, it seems that Beijing is wanting to design its own line of fighters, to go beyond the shadow of the Su-27 and their improved designs.

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