China shows off a series of military equipment at Airshow China 2021

The 13th China International Aviation and Space Exhibition (Airshow China) has officially opened in Zhuhai city, Guangdong province, China.

The exhibition (taking place from September 28 to October 3) has the presence of 700 businesses from 40 countries in both face-to-face and online form. More than 100 aircraft of all kinds are displayed at the outdoor exhibition area.

A series of modern aircraft are in the service of the Chinese Air Force, such as stealth fighter J-20, transport aircraft Y-20, early warning aircraft KJ-500, unmanned aerial vehicle WZ-7… was also introduced at this exhibition.

Pictures of some military equipment at Airshow China 2021:

KJ-500 early warning aircraft

China’s new electronic warfare aircraft J-16D. Photo:China News

China-made CH-4 unmanned aerial vehicle. Photo: AP

WL-10 unmanned aerial vehicle was displayed within the framework of the exhibition. Photo: Alex Plavevski / EPA

Models of Long March rockets serving China’s space conquest mission were introduced at the exhibition. Photo: Reuters

WZ-8 unmanned aerial vehicle. Photo: Reuters

CM-401 anti-ship weapon system. Photo: Reuters

A J-20 stealth fighter. Photo: China News

Large amphibious aircraft AG600. Photo: China News

A JL-10 trainer aircraft performs within the framework of the exhibition. Photo: China News

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