China vs India. China brought soldiers and equipment to the border

The news that comes from Asia never ceases to amaze. What is happening! China has just overcome a pandemic, as it is already in conflict with India. What cat ran between these most populous countries. Let’s try to figure it out.

It became known to the public that the Chinese army started a large-scale movement in the regions bordering on India . On the border, in the literal sense, there is a confrontation between the military personnel of India and China. Moving units are pulled to the dividing line, as well as heavy weapons and armored vehicles. The servicemen traveled to the place of the alleged conflict by rail, the equipment was delivered by special heavy loaders.


Some experts suggest that this is nothing more than a large-scale teaching, a rehearsal of possible actions. In this case, the Chinese must be given an excellent mark, because they coped with their task perfectly. The forces necessary to protect their borders were pulled into the area of ​​possible escalation of the conflict as soon as possible.

What can be said, indeed, the Chinese army shows its huge potential for mobility and rapid response to the existing threat. All units arrived in the area of ​​the alleged conflict quickly and clearly. The troops showed excellent discipline .

Write in the comments how you evaluate the strength and mobility of the Chinese army.


  1. How far is china side true. For years china have been building road to sino india border or the line of control.
    India letargy “chalta hai culture” and who bothers let me complete my tenure – some uniform officers and politicians let us do our five years do not create trouble till trouble ,troubles you.attitude.
    Now suddenly internnate and social media has become a strong opinion poll changer.
    If ,china has practiced moilisation of troops and now they are able to move from oneend of china to another end in quick time.
    The indian side the road rotang pass tol leh and to changla pass to pon tso lake has now develope at quick pace despite george fernandes started it while he was defence minister umder prime minister vajpayee ji.
    Secondly – no self praise what was the rolevof i t b p and army long range patrolling to detect chinese comimg to indian side of lineof control.

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