China’s J-16D electronic warfare fighter approach Taiwan for the first time

The Taiwan Self-Defense Force discovered that the Chinese army’s J-16D electronic warfare fighter (PLA) had approached the island for the first time. This new fighter aircraft type PLAF was launched 5 months ago.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry on January 25 confirmed that among 13 Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ), marking the 19th intrusion this month. Among them Two were PLAAF)Shenyang electronic warfare J-16D fighter jets.

These J-16D fighters carry four jammers and two electronic warfare complexes, as well as two belly-mounted missiles, Taiwan defense said.

This is the first time Taiwan’s self-defense force has detected a Chinese J-16D aircraft in the island’s air defense identification zone. The formation of aircraft entering the Taiwan ADIZ on January 24 also included 8 J-16 heavy fighters, a Y-8 anti-submarine warfare aircraft, and two H-6 bombers flew into the southwest corner of the ADIZ.

The Taiwan Self-Defense Force has deployed surveillance fighter jets and broadcasted radio warnings, and activated anti-aircraft missile systems to monitor the movements of Chinese military aircraft.

“The J-16D is capable of destroying radars to suppress and damage the enemy’s air defense capabilities,” said Shu Hsiao-huang, an analyst at the Taiwan Institute of Defense and Security Studies.

“It can pave the way for further attacks and pose a great threat to Taiwan’s air defense network,” Shu Hsiao-huang stressed.

The Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, yesterday published an editorial, saying that the first appearance of the J-16D fighter jet near the island of Taiwan sent a clear message. “The Chinese military will not only fly around Taiwan, but sooner or later will fly over the island,” the editorial said.

J-16D is an electronic warfare fighter developed by China on the basis of the J-16 two-seat multirole fighter, expected to coordinate with other aircraft to establish an electronic warfare system.

The J-16D series made its debut in September 2021 at the air show in Zhuhai. Analysts say that it is possible that the Chinese military (PLA) has commissioned a small number of J-16D fighters. China is the second country after the US to develop an electronic warfare aircraft based on a fighter, analysts say that the J-16D was developed from the inspiration of the US EA-18G.

Chinese experts are confident that the appearance of the J-16D shows that the PLA has significantly improved the combat capability of the country’s army.

“The J-16D shows that China attaches great importance to dominance in electronic warfare,” said military expert Song Zhongping.

“To win a future conflict, a military force must not only gain air or sea superiority, but also gain advantage in information and electronic warfare,” said Tong Trung Binh.

Zhou Shenming, a military expert in Beijing, said that the J-16D will mainly support electronic warfare for the Chinese air force and suppress the enemy’s air defense system.

This electronic warfare fighter can carry a wider range of equipment than the J-16, including small compartments on the tips of the wings, under the wings and on the belly of the aircraft to house electronic surveillance equipment, disrupt communications and cause jamming. radar. They are the main combat system of the J-16D besides the air-to-air missiles.

Many experts on the island of Taiwan said that it is necessary to monitor the Chinese military sending J-16D to participate in the close proximity to the island, because this type of aircraft can suppress air defense complexes at sea and on land. and interfere with the radar system.

Standout features of the J-16D include several antennas on the fuselage, under each wing there is a cluster of electronic warfare devices designed to jam or disable enemy air defenses.

At the same time, the J-16D can control anti-radar missiles. The electronic warfare group can protect these other aircraft from enemy attack.

International military analysts say that, although the J-16D is similar to the E/A-18G in terms of combat missions, Chinese products will still have to work very hard to reach the level of America.

The E/A-18G has been tested by the US many times and has proven its high combat performance, not stopping there, the US continues to improve, to make this aircraft more and more powerful.

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