China’s new 5th generation fighter J-31 lost to MiG-29K?

The fifth-generation J-31 fighter – or rather its naval version turned out to be not only much inferior to the stealthy Russian and American fighter, but also a certain distance from the one. Classic MiG-29K, Russian media commented.

“In China, any job information on the new generation Shenyang J-31 fighter is completely confidential. We are talking about a battleship that is scheduled to be equipped with PLAN carriers in the future. ”

“However, this plane soon showed a weak point when the engine fitted to it still required unacceptable running distance to take off. Another issue was initially advertised, and then later on. they simply stopped talking about it in China – those are low indicators of the ratio of the combat radius – missile and bomb payload “.

“In this case, it should be noted that China’s J-31 is absolutely nothing superior to the basic characteristics of the MiG-29K battleship that was developed by Russia more than 30 years ago”, commented Military Review magazine.

The battleship version of the fifth generation fighter jet Shenyang J-31 developed by China
The battleship version of the fifth generation fighter jet Shenyang J-31 developed by China

Pakistan is expected to become one of the biggest buyers of the J-31 fighter jet from China, however the carrier version of this fighter is only used exclusively in the PLAN, which is clear. It shows that Beijing has very serious problems with the naval air force today.

“Remember China’s criticism of Russia’s MiG-29K fighter jets. In China, the Russian fighter was indeed ‘muddy’, but China’s ‘innovation’ development turned out to be worse than the Russian ‘old man’, ”said an analyst on the site. Avia-pro noted.

Indian navy MiG-29KUB
Indian navy MiG-29KUB

10kWith the aforementioned development of the J-31, experts also have reason to doubt the true combat capability of the J-20, when it is also observed that there are too many design defects. For example, the size is too large, it is difficult to guarantee the scattering area of ​​radar waves as well as provide flexible maneuverability.

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