Chinese Army Training Is Not Enough To Face Indian Army , They Appoint MMA Fighters

Seems like the So called Asia biggest military power China giving not proper training to their soldiers , thats why china appoint 20 professional MMA fighter Enbo fight club .

For the first time in decades, a new border conflict has erupted between China and India. The fatal face-off took place in the moonlight on June 15, when soldiers from the Indian Army clashed with troops from the People’s Liberation Army when PLA soldiers attack on Indian army like coward , close to Patrol Point 14 in the Galwan Valley of eastern Ladakh, more than 4,300 metres above sea level.

Soon there was information that the battle went on for several hours, and the Indian side lost about 20 soldiers. The Chinese are silent about their losses , because they lost 40+ (minimum) soldiers in couter attack by Indian army .

Jianli Yang, a former Chinese military official and son of a leader in the Chinese communist party, made a sensational claim ‘More than 100 Chinese soldiers were killed in the dreadful conflict between Indian and Chinese soldiers.

Why are the military fighting hand to hand in the 21st century? All because of the humane agreement between China and India, which was signed back in 1996. This agreement prohibits both parties from carrying firearms and explosives in the area of ​​the actual control line.

What does it have to do with MMA

MMA fighters from Enbo club

After a high-profile clash and lost so many soldiers  the PRC authorities transferred a special detachment, the Tibetan Mastiffs, to the problematic section of the border, which on the eve was replenished with 20 professional MMA fighters from the Enbo fight club.

According to authorities, the main task of the detachment is to help border and patrol forces in hand-to-hand training , so from next time at least they can match Indian army training. The participation of MMA fighters in possible clashes is not mentioned.

“If the country needs us, then the Enbo Fight Club will wholeheartedly carry out tasks of any complexity. As for whether our fighters participated in the conflict, do not ask me, ”the club owner said .

Enbo Fight Club is one of the best MMA sports clubs in China. His students quite successfully perform in the international arena. Some of them even sign in the UFC .

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