Chinese media on the purchase of S-400 by India

India seeks to strengthen its air defense to match China amid growing tensions between the countries on the border in the Himalayas, writes the oldest Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post.

The publication notes that after the clashes in June 2020 between the military of the two countries in the disputed territories, New Delhi and Beijing are pulling reinforcements to the border. At the same time, the head of the Ministry of Defense of India Rajnath Singh, against the background of aggravation of relations with China, arrived in Moscow to convince Russia to expedite the delivery of the S-400 Triumph air defense system. India should receive the complexes by December 2021, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, their production slowed down. The contract value is $ 5.2 billion.

Russian systems will threaten us

– confident in SCMP.

According to analysts, the combination of the S-400 with the existing aircraft in India could pose a threat to China.

The last time a border dispute between China and India broke out in 2017, when Indian forces and the PLA staged a two-month confrontation in Doklam, which is claimed by both China and Bhutan, an ally of India. But the recent confrontation in the Galvan Valley, in Kashmir, has become the worst in recent decades. According to available information, at least 20 Indian soldiers died. How many Chinese have died is unknown.

China is actively strengthening its grouping at the border by sending Z-20 helicopters, modified J-10C and J-11B fighters, Wing Loong II multipurpose drones, 99A and Type 15 tanks, Dongfeng (DF) missiles and even J-20 invisible fighters .

The S-400 is not able to shoot down Chinese DF-10 and Changjian-100 cruise missiles or DF-17 hypersonic ballistic missiles. His biggest contribution could be to protect the area near the capital of New Delhi in the event of a war.

– Liang Guolyan, a military expert from Hong Kong believes.


  1. India should decentralize command and control connectivity away from Delhi. In this way, there is no need for such defense system for cities – because it is futile if it gets to that point. Instead protect the ICBM launchers and stick to aling drawn out war of attrition via land and sea. Use deception to the max to bring down their trade routes.

  2. Critical unbiased reviews are important. Geo-politics is another cup of tea.

    With independent tactic support from US Presidency as well as “brother-in-arms” Indo-Russian alignment, China will become peacefull settling its border issues with India.

    As per their avowed hindsight Pakistan will vex themselves a thousand years that cannot be helped.

    Inspite of global perceptions to contain terrorists operations, INDIA finds itself at the receiving end of cross border terrorism, which is to be contained – not wished off.

    Liberty is ensured when terror is effectively brought to an end.

    1. Pskistan won’t last forget a thousand years it is broke and a dysfunctional state with an ideology that’s destroying it slow and steady. The so called two nation theory was junked in 1971. China is using pakistan and it will drown pAkistan in debt. Forget about pakistsn fighting a war with india 🇮🇳 Pakistan is no match for india

  3. Chinese soldiers are no match to strong Indian soldiers, they are very fragile, they can’t fight Indian soldiers in hand to hand combat
    This time china should not underestimate India this is not 1962,
    We have enough weapons to kill your soldiers it will be good for your own health if you don’t get into a war with India,
    China will have to open a new front on India’s border and your eastern border will be vulnerable and Sweet target to US forces,
    Chinese communist party fears Indian Army so much so that, it has no balls to fight India alone, they want pakistan and Nepal also to fight against India at the same time,
    I hope china understands the seriousness and danger of US aircraft carriers and weapons facing china,
    only God can save china 😆😆😆😆😆

    1. The indian soldiers are very strong at subjugating the civillian population, with weaponary. However, their soldiering abilities were clearly demonstrated on 15th June against the PLA on equal terms in front of the world! Equally, the indian hindutva politicians are very strong in their political convictions, the world has yet to see a surgical strike to extricate the PLA from Ladakh!

    2. I read in an article how the individuals in China are forced to work in their army and made to do all kinds of odd jobs else face the wrath.. The soldiers are not motivated to join the army some who doesn’t want are also forced else they have to suffer the worst punishment the state could offer…In Indian Individuals are dying to join the army.. the morale of the soldiers here are very high.. they can do or die for the country.. Ask any graduate ..given an option they are willing to join the army leaving rest…..this is strength which China lacks. Hence they did not have the guts to mention how many of their soldiers died in Ladakh.

  4. Chinese are like wild fire. It is getting spraying almost all over the Asian small countries. So it is very high time to control the wild fire in time.

    1. China has similar type of relationships with neighbouring nations…try to occupy land of neighbours …..messing up with india is going to be biggest mistake of china

    2. China fought last flght with Vietnam and beaten back. Their propaganda didn’t help them in 79. Prior to that in 62 it’s not Indian Army which was defeated by Chinese. It’s Nehru and it’s govt which had compromised with India’s national security and interest. In 67 our Army gave them bloody nose after provocation. Now after galwan and pangong lake incidents they realized all their antics not working. Those they bribed doesn’t enjoy same influence that they used to before. Modi or no Modi at least 40% Indians
      now aware of the truth. They are not chamcha. They are true Indians.They will do right thing. Even if govt changes they will see the deference.

  5. Chinese communist government is criminal cartel, which operate like mafia.criminal communist killed millions of theirs own citizens. They are responsible for spreading coronavirus pandemic worldwide,killing millions of helpless world population. They take bread and jobs away from billions of poor helpless in world. They destroy the world. They should be tried by International court of justice.

  6. The Chinese had been able to cause casualties to IA because of deception,though in the process they too learnt that propaganda does not always work. IA gave them a nightmare and now they are scared that next time they will face bullets with higher casualties. Slowely the forces on Indian side have built up. The Chinese will have trouble in Tibbet too

  7. When someones end comes it starts acting finicky…out of mind….careless and reason for the end of its own existence…how ever powerful or knowledgeable one may be when he misuses himself doom come to him for sure..history has shown us all that…One should be contended with what he has been blessed with…

  8. You may not be able to boycott the total products from China. But from 70 billion USD annual trade you can definitely cut down to 40%by getting only essential goods

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