Chinese nuclear submarines prowl British aircraft carriers in the Pacific

Chinese submarines secretly monitored the activities of HMS Queen Elizabeth when the British battle group from the East Sea entered the Pacific Ocean.

However, the activity of Chinese nuclear submarines has been detected by anti-submarine frigates of the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier battle group, even they know clearly which Chinese ship is “following” them.

Our sources said that officers in charge of anti-submarine warfare aboard the two frigates HMS Kent and HMS Richmond discovered at least two Shang-class nuclear attack submarines (Type 093) of the Chinese navy moving away. moved immediately after the Queen Elizabeth group of ships on their journey from the East Sea to the Pacific Ocean.

The group of British frigates mentioned above worked together to closely monitor the activities of Chinese nuclear submarines for more than 6 hours to ensure that HMS Queen Elizabeth was not followed after leaving the East Sea.

Earlier, on August 3, the British Navy’s nuclear attack submarine HMS Artful (S121) of the Queen Elizabeth group of ships detected the activity of another Shang-class submarine near the area of ​​HMS Queen Elizabeth.

It is known that last night, HMS Queen Elizabeth and its escorts docked at Apra port, the US naval base in Guam. Planned visits to South Korea and Japan were canceled due to a resurgence of COVID-19.

Commenting on the event, former Rear Admiral Chris Parry, who served in the British navy, said that threats from submarines have always been a constant threat to the Royal Navy, but they are afraid of submarines. Russia than China because they are more advanced and difficult to detect.

The Chinese Navy currently operates six second-generation nuclear attack submarines, the Shang class being one of them. This submarine model can operate continuously at sea for 80 days and is equipped with many other types of cruise missiles.

China’s submarine force currently has 66 ships of all kinds, more than both the US Navy and the British Royal Navy, which is considered one of the key forces helping Beijing expand its influence. Pacific as well as maintaining a military presence in the disputed waters.

The expansion of China’s submarines into the Pacific Ocean in recent years is still being closely watched by the US Navy.

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