Chinese soldiers turn Tiktokers, Propaganda video turned out to be fake

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying on 28 November shared a propaganda video of Chinese soldiers dancing at 5,200 meters in altitude disputed area, but it turned out to be a green screen video, totally fake.

People on Twitter had a lot to say about the video shared by the spokesperson. One user said the video explains why the Chinese avoid direct warfare, while others refer to them as “Baby doll army”. Basically you say, Chinese soldiers turn Tiktokers.

Residents in India have described the Chinese soldiers as a “babydoll army”, and accused the video, which Beijing hailed as part of its propaganda campaign.

Tensions in the border area between India and China are now described by many analysts as the most explosive “gunpowder barrel” in the Asia-Pacific. Therefore, information about 50,000 soldiers stationed by the two countries in this harsh climate area always attracts the attention of the people of the two countries.

And of course, the propaganda video that Beijing just released on November 28 immediately became the subject of discussion and controversy.

It is known that the 16-second video was shared on Twitter by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying with the comment that Chinese soldiers dancing at 5,200 meters in altitude during break time. Cool & cute!

Of course, the video has also been met with a wave of criticism and irony in India.

Some Twitter accounts think that this is just a “fake” video, when the Chinese soldiers don’t even need to wear gloves and goggles and note that it is necessary to look closely at the clouds and in detail there are 4 faces. sky in the background.

Twitter account “FrontalForce” described the PLA as a “babydoll army”, and suggested that the video above was part of Beijing’s propaganda campaign that it was getting ready. a battle at high altitude.

china soldier dancing
Plus the foot stomps are there where there’s no one dancing, but the guy at the back has no foot stomps on ice anywhere…

“This will be their side job in the hot spot Wan Chai, HK (Loan Te district – an area famous for cultural activities in Hong Kong)” , user Somnath Mukherjee commented on the video with sarcasm.

And finally, a rather gentle response came from the account Tanvi Madan when this person posted another video showing Indian soldiers singing Jingle Bells – a very famous song in the theme of Christmas music at one point. much higher and the temperature is much lower.

According to Chinese media, the video is seen as carrying a clear message. It is the Chinese soldiers who have adapted, are healthy and happy despite the harsh weather conditions amid reports that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is struggling with intoxication. high in the Himalayas.

However, some media in India claim that the Chinese soldiers need more than 10 days to adapt to the harsh environment, where the oxygen concentration is only 60% of that in the plains. While its impossible to live without proper winter gear, while in the video you can’t see any jacket, globes, or snow boots. Temperatures in areas here also drop to -30 degrees Celsius around January.

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