Comparison of British army and the Russian army: There is a difference of 57 times!

The British Daily Express has published a comparative analysis of the British army and the Russian army.

According to Daily Express, the reason for them to compare the armed forces between the two countries is Moscow’s increased movement of forces closer to Ukraine. Earlier, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace expressed concern about the current situation and said London is committed to providing Kiev to buy military equipment with loans.

The Daily Express admits that Britain is behaving as a great power that can challenge Russia, but in reality, its options are very limited. Specifically, the number of the Russian armed forces is 3 million soldiers, while the UK has only 275.66 soldiers.

In an interview, General Sir Richard Shirreff, a former top British official at Nato, said that British capacity was significantly declining.

Russia has the world’s second most powerful armed forces, according to military ranking website Global Firepower, trailing only behind the USA.

The UK's military power

Russia’s airpower is around 5.6 times stronger than the UK’s, with a combined 4,163 aircrafts such as fighters, transports, and helicopters, whereas the UK has 733.

Worth mentioning, the number of Russian tanks is 57 times larger than that of Britain: Russia has 12,950 units, Britain has only 227. The British consider this number “shocking”. Russia has a total of 27,000 armored vehicles, while the UK has 5,000.

The UK has 5,000 armoured vehicles under its belt according to Global Firepower – but this is little when compared against Russia’s estimated 27,000.

However, the UK boasts two aircraft carriers, whereas Russia only has one. With other ocean-based combat vehicles such as submarines and destroyers, the UK finds itself far outranked, with Russia owning 16 destroyers and 62 submarines to the UK’s six and ten.

Russia's military power

Daily Express continues to compare the relationship of forces at sea between the two sides. Accordingly, Russia has a great advantage in combat vehicles, except for aircraft carriers. United Kingdom – The former “Queen of the Sea” has 2 aircraft carriers, while now Russia has only 1 aircraft carrier, the cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov”.

“Speaking of other naval combat vehicles, such as submarines and destroyers, the Russians have overlooked us quite far: they have 16 destroyers and 62 submarines, while we [Britain] ] only have 6 and 10 units respectively ” – Daily Express commented.

Earlier, in an interview on November 14, General Nick Carter, Chief of the General Staff of the British Army, said that the UK and its allies are at higher risk of a military conflict with Moscow than during the Cold War. , adding that “traditional diplomatic mechanisms” no longer exist.

Mr Carter believes the risk of war with Russia is greater now than at any time in his 44-year military career and urged London to “be careful”.

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