Copied again ?! A promising Chinese fighter-bomber turned out to be a copy of the Russian Su-34

China continues to actively copy Russian military equipment, even despite its partnership with Russia. Thus, the Chinese military has published a model of their “unique” new generation fighter-bomber, which is almost 90% similar to the design of the Russian combat Su-34.

In the presented photograph of a new Chinese combat fighter, one can easily identify the main features of a Russian fighter-bomber. The design features of the “Chinese” are definitely there, however, they are so insignificant that it is safe to say that the military from the PRC simply copied the Russian fighter, passing it off as their revolutionary development.

The Russian side has not yet openly stated its claims to China, however, it is noteworthy that the appearance of a Chinese combat aircraft is associated with the recent admiration for the Chinese army, a Russian combat vehicle that has managed to prove itself in the best way in Syria, and, which is important, China considered the possibility of buying the Su-34, but later refused to conclude a contract.

Russian Su-34
Russian Su-34

This is not the first time China has copied Russian combat aircraft and other military equipment.

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