“David’s Sling” And “S-400”: Which Air Defence Is More Capable?

Ayatollah Khamenei has vowed revenge for the murder of Mohsen Fahrizadeh, Iran’s chief nuclear scientist and senior officer of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

 President Hassan Rouhani also declared: “the enemy must know that the people of Iran and the officials of responsibility are very brave and will be determined to respond to this murder”

Apparently, the Persians no longer doubted who was behind Fakhrizade’s death and they were preparing to take revenge.

Given the fact that in recent years most military experts have spoken out about Iran’s rapidly growing missile program, the IDF (Israel Defense Force) air defense force is undoubtedly in love. alarm state.

The Israeli press, especially the Israel Hayom newspaper, argues that if Tehran decides to launch a missile strike, it will most likely launch the “Kased” missile.

David's Sling Missile System
David’s Sling Missile System

The majority of the Jewish state media responded indifferently to the claims of the “Ayatollah regime”: claiming that Iran was constantly threatening and people were used to it. If there is fear, they are only afraid of the “Shahab-3” with a range of up to 2,000 km.

It is known that Iran’s “retaliation” will have to pass at least 1,500 km over the territory of Iraq and Jordan. Meanwhile, according to the “Missile Threats” analysis program of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, “Shahab-3” has a range of only 1,300 km. That is, it will not be possible.

However, the IRGC is able to reach Israel with the ICBM “Gadr-1” missile (a modernized version of “Shahab-3”), as well as the “Sumar” cruise missile hypothesis (under development The highly prepared paragraph or ICBM “Sajil”.

Tehran also has an ICBM “Khorramshahr”, but American experts say it is only “under development”.

Logically, Iran can take revenge with short or medium-range missiles from Syrian territory. Furthermore, since the assassination of General Soleimani, the IRGC has responded quite successfully with missile attacks on US military bases in Iraq from the position of Tehran.

The US side announced that the missiles were carried out by local intelligence officers of the Iraqi Shiite group “Kataib Hezbollah”, and that the US soldiers themselves suffered only traumatic brain injuries and minor injuries.

Russian S-400 Triumph Missile System
Russian S-400 Triumph Missile System

However, there is another view that the attack from Iran is ideal, timed and effective propaganda. In fact, the assassination of Fakhrizade in Iran was seen as an attempt by MOSSAD to stop Iran’s atomic bomb development.

Therefore, if the IRGC’s ICBM could fire Israel, Tel Aviv and Washington firmly believe that the “Ayatollah regime” created retaliatory missiles and only installed nuclear warheads.

Iran could actually fire at Israel with the “Gadr-1” ICBM missile, which the military analysts call the modernization of “Shahab-3” has been demonstrated.

That risk must be intercepted by the “David’s Sling” missile defense system, thereby asserting superior effectiveness, as often propagated by Israel and the United States.

The “David’s Sling”, formerly known as the “Magic Wand”, was designed to intercept enemy aircraft, according to a report by the American Federation of Scientists “Military Assistance to Israel”. drones, tactical ballistic missiles, ICBMs and cruise missiles in the range from 40 km to 300 km.

Interestingly, in a trade proposal with Poland, Israeli military contractor Rafael Advanced Defense Systems said that “David’s Sling” has been upgraded to a level that can intercept Russia’s Iskander missile and is said to be is the world’s best missile defense weapon.

But as everyone remembers, “David’s Sling” was once used for combat purposes. On 23 July 2018, the Israeli air defense force deployed the “Magic Wand” against two Syrian “Scad” missiles, which have been in use by the Soviet army since 1975.

s-400 Radar
s-400 Radar

Assad’s army soldiers fired the old tactical missile at rebel pockets on Syrian territory, one kilometer from the Jewish nation’s border. And Israel had an incident: a “David’s Sling” interceptor missile destroyed itself, and a second missile crashed on Syrian soil intact.

“If Russia really had the Stunner missile (the interceptor missile used in the” David’s Sling “system), they could research the technology and figure out how to defeat the” David’s Sling “system, this would be This is a huge problem for NATO countries, ”the Business Insider portal concluded after a survey of overseas military experts.

Business Insider also quoted a Russian analyst: “Dmitry Stefanovich, expert of the Russian International Affairs Council and co-founder of the Vatfor project, told Insider that Russia is also capable of Use this missile to perfect your systems, both offensive and defensive “.

It is not known if this is a coincidence, but the US military media has recently written extensively about the “best of the best” missile defense systems. including “S-400” and “David’s Sling”. At the same time, there is a heated discussion in US military forums about which anti-missile system is more effective – Russian or Israeli.

“David’s sling” can be compared to “Patriot” of America or “Aster-15/30” of Europe. They have practically the same technology.

It should be added that in the US, “David’s Sling” is known as the US-Israeli missile defense system, because the project involved defense contractor Raytheon. This company is the leader of the industrial-military complex overseas in the development of radars, including early warning – UEWR, missile defense of the US Navy – AN / TPY-2, for fighters F-15E and F-15E. And Raytheon is also known to be the developer and producer of the SM-3 interceptor missile.

Raytheon’s website states that “in November, an SM-3 Block IIA interceptor missile launched from USS John Finn flew over the Pacific Ocean northeastern Hawaii, then attacked and destroyed the target with only one actuation force – in this case, the equivalent of a 10-ton truck traveling at 600 miles (965 kilometers) per hour “.

With Israel considered the “factory for modernization of defense systems” of the world, it can be said that the Advanced Defense System Rafael is being perfected by Raytheon’s technology.

In any case, it is not possible to objectively compare the “David’s Sling” system with the S-400. As the history of the wars shows, it is only until the end of the war that who has a better weapon will be known.

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