Debris of missing Indonesian Submarine Is Found

The Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Navy has officially confirmed that the missing submarine has been found in the waters off Bali.

Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff, Admiral Yudo Margono said that after finding some debris, the search force found the KRI Nanggala 402 submarine crashed while lying at a depth of 850m . The rescue plan is urgently being implemented.

Previously, rescuers found parts of the torpedo tube, the container to lubricate the sailor’s periscope and prayer mat. “The detection of these factors could indicate the appearance of holes in the hull, or the ship being destroyed,” said Mr Margono.“The exact location of the ship in distress caused us to shift our statement from a submarine considered missing to a sunken phase,” said Admiral Yudo Margono.

Although the ship was found missing, the chance of finding a surviving sailor has ended when the Commander of the Indonesian Army, General Hadi Tjahjanto, declared that there were no survivors.

Indonesia – which has been modernizing military equipment in recent years – has five submarines built by Germany and South Korea in its fleet. The KRI Nanggala 402 was in distress and was built in 1978.

Ships in the same class as the KRI Nanggala have served in more than a dozen naval forces around the world, including Greece, India, Argentina and Turkey, for the past half century.

“It’s a classic submarine. It has a safe diving depth of 250 meters, and if it falls to a depth of more than 700 meters it is likely to break,” French Navy Vice Admiral Antoine Beaussant said. know when talking about KRI Nanggala in distress.

The pressure of seawater at a depth of 700 meters is 70 times higher than the atmospheric pressure at sea level, with each square meter of the hull will be subjected to more than 720 tons of pressure. Conventional submarines, when at this depth, are more likely to have shell deformation, even crushed.

Marcus Hellyer, senior analyst at the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy, said that the KRI Nanggala’s situation looked very gloomy. “A lot of incidents can happen to submarines. If a submarine crashes at sea, it’s usually a very bad disaster,” the expert said.

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