Delivery of American BMP M2A2 Bradley to Ukraine has begun

The American M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, allocated by Washington to Ukraine, are already in neighboring Romania. In fact, the shipment of weapons to Ukraine began even before the official announcement of this by the American authorities.

This is evidenced by video footage of the massive transfer of the M2A2 Bradley BMP from Bulgaria to neighboring Romania, made two days ago, which means that infantry fighting vehicles may already be on the border of Romania and Ukraine – the alleged corridor for their transfer is the border section in the Chernivtsi region.

In video footage taken near the border of Bulgaria and Romania, you can see the transport of American M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. The latter followed in the direction of the Romanian border about 48 hours ago. Given the absence of open information about the ongoing exercises, it is more likely that infantry fighting vehicles are heading for Ukrainian territory.

The U.S. military deploys infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) like the M2A2 Bradley. Its primary function on the battlefield is transporting men and supporting them with fire. The M2A2 has a TOW missile launcher, a 7.62mm machine gun, and a coaxial 25mm cannon for maximum firepower.

It can withstand land mines and other explosive devices and may be outfitted with various armor kits for further safety. The United States Army, Marine Corps, and several other militaries use the M2A2.

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