Did the Russian military really caught western generals at the Azovstal steel plant?

The Russian military officials confirmed that the NATO generals, the commander of the US Army’s special operations, is on the list after the surrender of the Azov steel plant.

The question of whether there is a “big fish” in the Azovstal steel mill is always intriguing, because the Ukrainian government has frequently dispatched helicopters to rescue the surrounded Azov Battalion. Ship rescue attempts were made, but they all failed.

Although the people inside Azovstal were not rescued, but Ukrainian President Zelensky harshly said that, if the Ukrainian Armed Forces defending Mariupol were wiped out, the possibility of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine would be completely cut off.

President Zelensky then ordered the men in the Azovstal steel plant to surrender, saying that they had “done the task excellently”; At the same time, Kyiv sent people from the Red Cross to save them, but they themselves did not know “whom they saved”, when these fighters were all in Russian detention.

After the Ukrainian soldiers in the Azovstal steel plant surrendered, the news that there was a “big fish” of NATO, made everyone doubt whether that “big fish” was a conspiracy theory or not? As of this moment, Russia has not officially confirmed that there are any senior NATO officials in Azovstal.

But recently, this conspiracy theory was overturned, when the Russian Army identified there were “some big fish” of NATO in the Azovstal steel plant; Major General Lipovoy, chairman of the All-Russian Union of Officers, recently said that among those who surrendered at Azovstal were Lieutenant Colonel John Bailey from the UK,  Admiral Eric Olsen from the US and four military advisers from NATO. 

We can now understand why at Mariupol the Azov Battalion was able to hold out for such a long time, it turned out that there were senior NATO officers in command of the operation.

In fact, the Azov Battalion is not an elite force of the Ukrainian Army. It was first a volunteer force, then, because it recruited too many people, it was recruited by the National Guard of Ukraine to streamline the organization.

Although it was taken over by the Ukrainian Army, the people inside were mixed, and the military level was completely different from that of the regular army. But it was such an army that fought the Russian Army in the city for two months; This record for everyone is unbelievable, because the strength of the Russian Army is ranked second in the world.

However, these NATO officers, especially US General Eric Olsen, have served in the US Navy for more than 38 years and previously served as commander of US Army Special Forces, but he is now retired from the US Navy.

General Eric Olsen is also the first naval officer, in the history of the US Army to hold the position of commander of the Operations Department of the Special Forces Command, he was responsible for the special operations missions of the four services the army, navy, air force, and marines.

When the world terrorist leader and America’s number 1 enemy – Bin Laden was killed, it was General Eric Olsen who planned and directed this special operation.

Although retired, General Eric Olsen is still active in large companies and the military, providing some experience to other forces, he even participated in conflicts, to gain a good understanding of the world. it. But this time, General Eric Olsen became a prisoner of war.

In Mariupol, General Eric Olsen, a former special forces commander, had an important role as an advisor; He knew very well that the Ukrainian army and the Russian army were in direct conflict in the city, even if the Ukrainian army had the home field advantage, it could not defeat the Russian army.

Therefore, General Eric Olsen advised the Ukrainian armed forces in Mariupol, “abandon the strong, fight the weak”, continuously mobilize forces, and carry out “fight and run”; This tactic made the Russian advance very slow.

Even Russian troops were pushed back from the city of Mariupol by the Ukrainian Army in the early stages of the war. But because the difference in strength between the two sides is too great, and there is no logistics, otherwise the Ukrainian armed forces in Mariupol, can still fight Russia for another “hundred rounds” here.

As for other NATO officers, they are judged to be responsible for training the soldiers of the Azov Battalion, how to use NATO weapons such as Javelin anti-tank missiles, NLAW and impart professional tactics, to make combat more effective.

Earlier, it was reported that retired Canadian military commander and US army commander, General Roger Crutier were also present in the tunnel of the Azovstal Steel Plant; but there is no news to confirm the whereabouts of these two people.

According to Western media, the “military advisers” from NATO countries involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, if they are soldiers, they all got retired, the rest members are from private military companies. What they do, is personal behavior and has nothing to do with the country.

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