Do Russian tanks have difficulty confronting NATO anti-tank weapons?

A senior US official said Russia’s main tank force had suffered many losses after 10 months of fighting in Ukraine.

Colin Kahl, a senior official at the US Department of Defense, recently told the press that Russian armored forces have been suffering great losses from NATO anti-tank weapons used in the war in Vietnam. Ukraine.

The most prominent of the Russian military losses, Kahl said the country “most likely lost half of its main battle tanks, “according to a report released by the US Department of Defense late last month.

Although the exact number is not disclosed, according to information compiled from Oryx, Russia has lost at least 1,450 tanks due to various reasons, equivalent to half of the estimated tanks this country has lost. Possession before the conflict broke out.

It is worth mentioning that among the Russian losses, there are many main tanks left on the battlefield with almost intact condition and not too much damage.

 Many were even abandoned due to running out of fuel – a common occurrence in the early stages of a conflict.

This may also be why Russia has put many old tanks on the battlefield, making many people skeptical about Moscow’s “opening” of a huge stockpile of weapons from the Soviet era.

However, Western media also emphasized that the fact that Russia launched armored forces with large numbers, spearheading in the early stages of the war, was also part of the reason the number of Russian tanks was damaged. 

On the battlefield is much higher than in Ukraine. Simply put, Russia uses more armor, so the number of losses is naturally higher than Ukraine.

In addition, the conflict in Ukraine also witnessed the participation of many new weapons in anti-tank efforts. Prominent are the small UAVs of both sides, capable of carrying only one grenade but can destroy the main tank if the grenade is dropped into the correct compartment when the vehicle is open.

NATO anti-tank weapons, such as the Javelin missile, also cause a lot of problems for Russian tanks on the battlefield. 

Javelin anti-tank missiles are modern, effective, and much more difficult to counter than TOW missiles – the weapon that Russian tanks are “familiar with” when fighting in Syria.

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