Does Iran joins the war? Multiple missile strike on Israel from Syria

In the past week, the conflict between Palestine and Israel has intensified. The number of casualties on both sides has been increasing. Israel has used rockets and missiles to continuously bombard the Gaza Strip in Palestine. The Palestinian armed forces responded to targets in Israel, and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict caused the Gaza Strip to fall into flames.

It is reported that Israel has assembled 16,000 reserve soldiers and is about to march on the front line. Facing the international community’s call for a ceasefire, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu apparently disagrees and vowed to carry the war to the end.

Iran joins the war?3 rockets launched from Syria!Target is Israel

Never ending dispute

Judging from the position of Israel, the current Palestinian-Israeli conflict is still difficult to quell. From a historical perspective, Israel and Palestine have serious contradictions, and the conflict between Palestine and Israel has become a problem in middle east and can drag other middle east countries into the war. The Israeli side believes that only through an overwhelming war can fundamentally be resolved the conflict between the two sides.

In the face of the Israeli side’s continued unwillingness to back down, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan expressed his hope that the outside world will teach Israel a lesson that is deterrent. At present, Israel is attacking the Muslim people in the Jerusalem area. If the international community continues to stand idly by, then Turkey will give the world an answer.

Iran joins the war?3 rockets launched from Syria!Target is Israel

Iran may join the war

The main focus of the conflict between the two sides is on the Jerusalem side. Regarding the current tense situation, the Palestinian side stated that if Israel continues to attack Palestine, the Palestinian side will use more powerful weapons to fight back. According to analysts, the Iranian Foreign Minister arrived in Damascus to discuss the current tensions between Palestine and Israel. According to outside speculation, Palestine may obtain assistance from Iran.

Iran joins the war?3 rockets launched from Syria!Target is Israel

On the evening of the 14th, the Israel Defense Forces issued an emergency statement stating that Syria had launched three long-range rockets to Israel, one of which did not reach the designated target. Although the remaining two rockets fell in Israeli-controlled areas, they did not cause casualties. At present, Israel has not made a counterattack against the rocket attack, and the outside world said that this move is likely to be done by Iran.

Iran joins the war?3 rockets launched from Syria!Target is Israel

The Israeli side claimed that Israel will take tough measures to continue its attacks on Hamas targets. If the Palestinian issue cannot be effectively resolved at this stage, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict will cause more and more countries and forces to be involved. By that time, the situation in the Middle East will become tenser.

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