Eagle Strike-21 is a super anti-ship missile developed by the People’s Liberation Army, but its capabilities are rarely made public.

The “Eagle Strike-21” anti-ship missile is considered to be the “killer weapon” of the People’s Liberation Army Navy to attack large surface ships such as aircraft carriers. At the same time, because it appeared not long ago, it has also been evaluated by the media as the most mysterious weapon of the People’s Liberation Army Navy.

A few days ago, the official Weibo of the PLA Strategic Support Force “China Strategic Support” rarely disclosed the combat performance of this “killer” weapon.

“China Strategic Support” rarely discloses screenshots of the combat performance report of this “killer” weapon.

Mach 6 flight, Mach 10 attack

Before and after Navy Day in April last year, the PLA officially disclosed the screen of a 0.55 million-ton destroyer launching a new type of anti-ship missile. At that time, the media speculated that this new type of missile was the Navy’s “Eagle Strike-21” anti-ship ballistic missile.

YJ-21 anti-ship ballistic missile test screen

However, the previous media analysis has remained at the speculation stage, and now, the official release of the People’s Liberation Army has confirmed this. At the same time, PLA officials rarely disclosed the specific performance parameters of this new missile.

Recently, “China Strategic Support” disclosed that on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Navy in 2022, the “Eagle Strike-21” hypersonic anti-ship missile had been made public. Difficult to intercept it.

According to the article, the data show that the speed of “Eagle Strike-21” can reach an astonishing Mach 10 (10 times the speed of sound) in the terminal attack stage, and the speed can reach 3,400 meters per second when it finally hits the enemy. At this stage, any anti-missile None of weapon systems can intercept. 

Its official debut means that the Chinese Navy has begun to build a more destructive combat system in its offshore defense system, which has raised its ability to deny combat to a higher level.

“Eagle Strike-21” is inseparable from the cooperation of combat troops.

In April last year, after the video of the 055 test launch of the “Eagle-21” was released, Shangguan News reported that the missile took off as a “cold launch” and ignited the booster to fly to the target.  The report also quoted US media analysis as saying that if the new missile proves to be the hypersonic “Eagle Strike-21” missile, the Type 055 cruiser will be the most powerful surface warship in the world.

PLA Nanchang ship Military 

commentator Song Zhongping analyzed to Zheng Zhijun that for the Navy, the “Eagle Strike-21” is the first hypersonic ballistic missile which can be used for anti-ship or ground strike. 

The “killer” weapon that wins with one hit is significant. At the same time, as mentioned in the article “China’s Strategic Support,” the “Eagle Strike-21” can be launched by shipboard, bringing the PLA’s regional denial capability and scope to a higher level.

Song Zhongping also said that the “China Strategic Support” article confirmed the “Eagle-21” missile and reflected the due meaning of the various services and arms systems of the People’s Liberation Army. 

“Whether it is the navy, air force or rocket force, to effectively exert the power of hypersonic missiles, it is inseparable from the support and cooperation of the strategic support force’s space-based satellites, including reconnaissance, navigation, and other links. ” Eagle -21 “The chilling combat capability is based on the PLA’s systematic capabilities, which are more important than a single weaponry.”

More advanced models may have appeared.

The article above confirms that the “YJ-21E” missile unveiled at the Zhuhai Air Show at the end of last year is the “Eagle Strike-21” foreign trade model.

The article disclosed that in terms of technical performance, the “YJ-21E” is a hypersonic anti-ship missile that adopts a two-stage design, the rear part is a solid rocket motor booster stage. The front part is a hypersonic glide body. The streamlined interstage segments are connected. 

The double-cone hypersonic glide body design has better aerodynamic lift-to-drag ratio performance and can start sliding in the middle and low layers of the atmosphere. At the same time, it can perform a wide range of lateral maneuvers for maneuvering orbit changes, etc.Eagle Strike-21

“Generally speaking, foreign trade models are “derivatives” based on local models to reduce production costs and sell them in foreign trade. No country in the world has a hypersonic missile officially equipped with the Navy, and the foreign trade model “Eagle” has been launched. YJ-21″, its official installation model, will have better performance.” 

The article also pointed out that it is certain that the “YJ-21E” foreign trade model is on public display at this stage, indicating that the self-use version of the “YJ-21” ship Carrying hypersonic missiles is no longer the Navy’s most advanced ship-borne hypersonic missiles. More advanced ship-borne hypersonic missiles are likely to have appeared.

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