Electromagnetic cannon will makes the Su-57, MiG-41 more dangerous

Russia is actively working to bring energy weapons to its future fighters soon.

According to the American Military Watch  magazine , the Russians are working hard to upgrade their newest Su-57 fifth generation fighter and turn it into an even advanced sixth generation fighter. move forward.

Moscow is reportedly testing a variety of built-in weapon systems – from supersonic ballistic missiles launched from the air to laser weapons, even artificial intelligence and remote control algorithms.

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There have been signs recently that Russia is developing energy-oriented weapons. In July 2020, media in Moscow reported the trials of the “EMP cannon” (electromagnetic pulse).

su-57 role

The primary means of generating such pulses is the detonation of nuclear weapons, although non-nuclear EMP weapons have been deployed in a number of countries using technology such as microwave generators.

With the installation of such equipment, the “microwave oven”, has a much shorter range of operation than the nuclear EMP, but is still sufficient to cause a serious impact on electrical and electronic equipment.

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The development of an “energy cannon” will allow Russia to acquire a potentially revolutionary weapon that can be used against a wide variety of targets, which would make the Su-57 stealth fighter. current and future MiG-41 become more dangerous to the enemy.

A less powerful EMP can be used as a good defense against drones. Western countries are developing a new generation of weapons and increasingly relying on unmanned vehicles, from surface warfare to reconnaissance missions.

The American newspaper summarizes that depending on how cost-effective Russia can create a separate category of guided energy weapons for their needs, it will be integrated into many different platforms. – from short-range air defense to fourth generation fighters.

But the work ahead is still forecast, it is impossible to rule out the possibility that this “fictional super weapon” is still a long way from going into service, or never completed as many cult projects in the past. .

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