Explain why Russia leads the world in electronic warfare.

Russia is the world leader in electronic warfare and Il-22PP Porubshchik is the clearest example, on that basis Russia continues to develop Porubshchik-2.

Russia possesses the world’s leading electronic warfare equipment.

Electronic warfare has become an “invisible foot” and an “invisible fist” on the modern battlefield, countries around the world, especially military powers in general, attach great importance to the development and application of electronic warfare. using electronic warfare systems and platforms.

Electronic warfare aircraft are favored for their high maneuverability and comprehensive combat effectiveness. Russia is a powerful country in electronic warfare, and the Porubshchik electronic warfare aircraft represents the development of the country’s electronic warfare capabilities.

Born out of an emergency and become the most powerful plane in the world

The introduction of electronic warfare aircraft into combat is equivalent to establishing an invisible “fence” in a certain airspace, both suppressing some enemy signals and ensuring the smooth communication of the enemy.

The Soviet Tu-16P is an electronic warfare aircraft built on the basis of the Tu-16 aircraft. In 1993, the Tu-16P that Russia inherited from the Soviet Union was decommissioned. Since then, Russia’s special aviation forces have not had a suitable electronic warfare aircraft available.

Although the An-12BK-IS electronic warfare aircraft built in the 1970s is still in service, it is not capable of suppressing the enemy’s variable frequency radar, which greatly reduces the ability to Survive on the battlefield of Russian fighters.

In 2009, the experimental design institute named after VM Myasishchev, located on the outskirts of Moscow, began to improve three Il-22 aircraft, turning them into aircraft equipped with electronic warfare systems.

In 2011, the Il-22 aircraft equipped with a new electronic warfare system was tested. Five years later, the new Il-22PP Porubshchik electronic warfare aircraft entered service with the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The basic specifications of this electronic warfare aircraft are: maximum speed of 675 km/h, ceiling of 6,000-7,000 meters, maximum range of 6,500 km, continuous operation of 12 hours.

Porubshchik has a relatively wide jamming range. Long-range early warning aircraft, airborne command aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft, fighter aircraft, ground air defense systems (radars), communication centers and even enemy weapons systems , as long as they use radio function modules, are within Porubshchik jamming range.

Along with that, the Porubshchik electronic warfare aircraft will not accidentally injure its own electronic communication systems. Before performing jamming, the aircraft can determine which electromagnetic frequencies belong to the enemy and which are their own through high-precision electronic scanning and selective jamming of the operating frequency.

Porubshchik can be considered as one of the most powerful electronic warfare aircraft in the world, it can suppress certain air search radars, enemy surface-to-air missile guidance radars and other missiles. Mid-stage cruise or modified channels, tactical data links commonly used by the U.S. military and its NATO allies.

The Russian Air Force claims that the battlefield survivability of the fighters of the Russian Air Force has been doubled due to the use of the Porubshchik electronic warfare aircraft.

Timely promote conversions and upgrades

The development of electronic warfare technology and fierce competition in the field of electronic warfare has continuously increased, making electronic warfare equipment constantly upgraded.

In fact, when the Il-22PP Porubshchik electronic warfare aircraft was handed over in 2016, the Russian Army began to develop the Porubshchik-2 electronic warfare aircraft.

Electronic warfare aircraft systems are mainly made up of electronic warfare systems and aircraft. The large electronic warfare system that an electronic warfare aircraft needs to carry usually weighs about 20 tons, plus a crew of about 20 people and basic means of living, so most often use passenger aircraft. large enough to meet the best conditions.

However, in recent years, Russia has not developed new large passenger aircraft. Therefore, the platform for the Porubshchik-2 electronic warfare aircraft can still only be selected from among the existing airborne platforms.

In terms of upgrading electronic warfare systems, an important improvement of the Porubshchik-2 electronic warfare aircraft is said to increase the function of jamming enemy military satellites.

An industry insider of the Russian defense industry complex said: “Research and development of a new jammer is underway. The new jammer will be a completely new device that can electronically jam and suppress any target on land, at sea or in the air. One of its important functions is to suppress the enemy’s ground-based communications and navigation satellites with high intensity.”

New trends in electronic warfare development

Technological intelligence and the militarization of space are profoundly influencing the development of electronic warfare. From the Porubshchik electronic warfare aircraft to the conversion and upgrade of the Porubshchik-2 electronic warfare aircraft, several development trends of electronic warfare can be seen:

One is to develop electronic warfare in the direction of integrating air and space. In 2018, the US Government decided to separate the Space Command from the US Air Force and become the First Level Command. This is an important move by the US to promote the militarization of space.

After that, the Japan Air Self-Defense Force established the first space force “Space Combat Team”. The UK has also activated its Space Command, speeding up military force build-up in space.

In this context, the development of the Porubshchik-2 electronic warfare aircraft is most likely a precautionary measure, taking into account the threat posed by space and space integration, and increasing the potential for jamming. electronics for terrestrial navigation and communications satellites.

Second, the role of electronic warfare aircraft is more important. Under the strategic containment of Western countries led by the United States, Russia decided to develop a new type of electronic warfare aircraft system, which fully demonstrates the important position and role of the aircraft. electronic warfare as a strategic aircraft.Third, electronic warfare will develop in the direction of intelligence. Russia is a powerful country in electronic warfare and focuses on using electronic warfare in real combat. In the Chechen war, the conflict between Russia and Georgia, military operations in Syria or the confrontation with NATO, Russia has attached great importance to the role of electronic warfare and its effectiveness has been evident. It can be seen that, with the extensive application of intelligent technology to electronic warfare systems, the intelligence level of electronic warfare will increase even more.

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