F-35A fighters useless against China: US Press

The American press published an article about military training games played by the US Department of Defense. This is a variant of the development of possible military operations with the involvement of subunits and one with another in a virtual system.

The publication Defense News quotes a statement by the US Air Force Lieutenant General Clint Hinout, who proposes not to include F-35A fighters in the scenario of this kind of games. In particular, the case concerns the ongoing operation “to support Taiwan in the face of China’s military aggression.” This is the scenario of the war game being developed by the Pentagon.

General Hinawat noted that he has doubts about the advisability of using the F-35A in the course of hostilities over territory bordering with “an enemy practically equal in military terms.” Earlier, the US Congress also doubted the need for further development of the F-35 program.

According to the American general, such a victory in Taiwan will become a “Pyrrhic” victory, since in order to achieve it, it will be necessary to involve equipment that is not yet used – for example, the F-35A Block 4, equipped with modern electronic warfare radar systems and the latest weapons. This version of the fighter is currently under development.

The general also mentioned the limited range of the F-35A, and the use of additional fuel tanks will affect stealth and maneuverability. The general stressed that the F-35A is unlikely to get the opportunity to refuel in the air during the operation “to support Taiwan against the PRC.

It is noteworthy that the article by American journalists says that the US command in the scenario of a training war game does not deny the possibility of China using biological weapons when a war breaks out in the Indy-Pacific Ocean. It is noted that this factor should be considered taking into account recent events. According to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, the coronavirus pandemic is a consequence of “China’s irresponsibility.” The US secretary of state accused Beijing of secrecy about the origin of the covid.

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