F-35C stealth fighter jet skidded the runway, stuck in the carrier screen

The stealthy F-35C aircraft carrier version has officially entered the US Navy. However, recently the image of the incident of this aircraft when operating on an aircraft carrier is attracting the attention of the public.

The image is said to be the F-35C stealth fighter jet skidding the runway

Image of a US Navy Air Force F-35C fighter jet skidding off the runway. Some suggested that this plane may have had a problem during landing, causing them to instead of stopping, skidded off the runway and flew off the side of the ship. They reasoned that the photo shows the engine part not working, usually during take-off or landing, the plane’s engine must accelerate by emitting a stream of fire.

Some other opinions suggest that maybe when landing, the F-35C missed the runway and quickly accelerated again to jump up. They explained that, with a weight of nearly 32 tons, it was difficult for the outer side of the ship to hold the plane without plunging into the sea.

It is not clear when this super fighter crashed and the status of the fighter after the incident. The US side has not yet commented on the above incident.

The F-35C is a version exclusively for the US Navy, with some characteristics that differ from the Air Force F-35A and the Marine Corps F-35B. The fuselage and landing gear are reinforced for take-off and landing on the aircraft carrier, the fighter wings can be folded to save space and added a tail catcher.

The US plans to buy and deploy 273 F-35Cs for the US Navy, to replace the Super Hornet fleets that are becoming obsolete.

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