First 3 indigenous nuclear attack submarines to be 95% made in India

In a major boost to country-made defence capabilities in India, the first three nuclear attack submarines to be built indigenously are set to have 95 per cent Made in India content in them. The proportion of Made in India content in the nuclear-capable submarines will go up even more in the next three submarines, news agency ANI reported.

“The nuclear attack submarine project would be a big boost for the indigenous submarine capability as 95 per cent of it would be made in India. This would provide a big boost to the domestic defence sector including both private and public sector,” a source in the government was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

“The project would also be very helpful for the economy as it is expected to generate a large number of jobs in the defence sector,” the above source added.

Despite significant delays, India India’s strategic head start in the field of indigenous submarine building capability continues. The first Arihant class boat was commissioned in August 2016 and the second one INS Arighat is reportedly undergoing sea trials and is likely to be commissioned in near future.

India plans to build 24 indigenous submarines

India has plans of building 24 submarines including six nuclear-capable underwater subs which would increase its strategic bandwidth to operate in the Indian Ocean Region while also helping it to keep its foes and friends at check while taking care of its own sovereignty in the Indian waters.

According to news agency ANI, the first six conventional boats are already under construction in Mumbai under the Kalavati class project while the tender for the next six with greater capability would be issued soon after recent clearance by the Ministry of Defence.

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