First Russian Su-35 Flanker-E shot down by the Ukrainian military

Russia’s deadly fighter aircraft Su-35 has been shot down by the Ukrainian military near the Ukrainian city of Izyum, Kharkiv Region.

As the Russia-Ukraine war enters its 40th day, the Ukrainian military has stepped up its retaliation against the Russian military. The latest footage, viral on social media, shows the shooting down of a Su-35 fighter jet known as Russia’s beast-attacking aircraft by the Ukrainian military near the city of Izyum.

A video and photos posted online Sunday showed an Su-35 diving vertically before pancaking in the Kharkiv region. Various sources confirmed that photos showed the wreck of an Su-35, which is considered Russia’s most elite and modern platform. It entered full service in 2018.

According to the Ukrainian sources, the Su-35S was shot down by the Ukrainian air defenses, although this can’t be verified at the moment. A video showing the aircraft, in flames, coming down, has emerged.

The pilot of the Flanker derivative survived the ejection and was captured by the Ukrainian forces

Sukhoi Su-35 is a heavy, long-range, multi-role, twin-engine, 4++ fighter aircraft developed by Sukhoi Military Aircraft Corporation based on design. Su-27 Flanker from the Cold War era, to confront the American F-15 Eagle.

Su-35 is a single seater, without canards, equipped with the L-265M10P/R ECM wingtip pods and featuring heat shields on the stabilizers: the aircraft was quickly identified as an Su-35S Flanker-E multirole 4++ generation supermaneuverable jet. The first to be lost since the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

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