For the first time, an American M113 armored personnel carrier was destroyed in Ukraine

An American M113 armored personnel carrier was torn apart by the very first shot from a Russian T-72 tank.

The American M113 armored personnel carriers, put into service with the Ukrainian army just a few weeks ago, turned out to be completely useless armored combat vehicles. Initially, it was assumed that such an armored personnel carrier would be able to protect crews and infantry from shots from tanks and fragments of field artillery, however, just one direct hit from the T-72 tank was enough for the armored personnel carrier to literally be torn to pieces.

In the photographs presented, taken both at the site of the destruction of an armored combat vehicle and from an unmanned aerial vehicle, you can see that the combat turret was torn off by the first shot from an American tracked armored personnel carrier, and the armored body of the vehicle was literally burned. Moreover, a huge hole can be seen in the armor of an American armored personnel carrier, indicating that the projectile literally broke through the 40-mm armored plate, breaking it into pieces.

The successful destruction of the M113 armored personnel carrier indicates the fact that such armored vehicles, supplied by the United States to the arsenal of Ukraine, do not pose any threat at all, and with competent tactical actions, it is possible to defeat a whole battalion of such vehicles in just a few minutes.

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